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Matisse Thybulle Trade Package

Two teams in the Western Conference linked to Matisse Thybulle ahead of NBA Free Agency

According to Bleacher Report insider Jake Fischer, the Philadelphia 76ers are “still exploring various trade options” for Matisse Thybulle to clear some cash before the start of free agency, which begins tomorrow at 6PM.

Here’s what Fischer had to say about the 76ers latest front office rumors 

“Philadelphia continues to be mentioned as the leader to land Tucker on a widely-discussed deal that could reach as high as three years and $30 million. In addition to James Harden sacrificing some annual dollars, it’s believed the Sixers are still exploring various trade options to free financial flexibility, as well as upgrade their roster with premium veteran talent. The two teams most often mentioned as Matisse Thybulle suitors have been Portland and Dallas.”

Portland linked to Matisse Thybulle since draft night

The Blazers are a team that have been brought up a few times since NBA Draft night as a team in the West that was interested in acquiring Thybulle. Keith Pompey reported that Portland was willing to to do a straight swap for Thybulle, while the Sixers were looking for a third team to get involved. 

Yesterday, it was reported that PJ Tucker was planning on signing with the 76ers on a three-year, $30 million deal. Hardly a steal for a 37-year old veteran but a necessary acquisition for the Sixers who lack bench depth and to be blunt, toughness. 

Regardless, moving Thybulle for nothing seems like a stupid move and I highly doubt that Morey does it for nothing in return. Matisse only carries a $4.3 million cap hit next year and is still 25 years old and elite defensive skills.

The other team mentioned was the Dallas Mavericks, which intrigues me more than Portland. If the Sixers can move Thybulle for someone like Reggie Bullock, a 31-year old three point shooter, I wouldn’t mind that return at all. Bullock would come to the 76ers for the next two years and carry a $10 million cap hit next year.

If the 76ers are eyeing someone like Bullock, the 76ers would likely have to ship Furkan Korkmaz to Dallas as well, which wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world either.

Andre Drummond back to Philly? 

The Bleacher Report also listed one target for each NBA team this summer via free agency or a trade. For the 76ers, they listed Andre Drummond as a potential singing to return to Philly as a backup center for Joel Embiid. 

Having someone who can dominate the boards and at least take up space defensively when Embiid is out went a long way toward stabilizing those minutes. If Drummond will come back for the taxpayer midlevel (or some portion of it; his salary was only $2.4 million last season), the Sixers should try to make it happen.

It will be interesting to see how things unfold over the next 48 hours with NBA Free Agency starting tomorrow evening. Morey has some work to do and it’s not going to be easy.

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