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Xfinity Live Bar Couple

Disgusting Behavior: Whatever these two were doing in public at Xfinity Live 

Well this is just bizarre. A new video has been making its rounds on the internet this morning showing a couple engaging in some disgusting behavior at Xfinity Live in South Philadelphia.

I understand the Phillies are RED HOT right now and postgames at Xfinity Live are heating up too. However, we as a fan base and citizens of Philadelphia need to abide by a certain set of standards and this certainly is not it.

Disgusting Behavior at Xfinity Live

Look call me a prude or really, whatever you want. I certainly do not care about your opinion in the slightest. This is just bizarre.

I’m not kink shaming in the slightest either. I get that people like to do this type of shit and honestly, I don’t mind it either, but just not against the bar at Xfinity Live. That’s the real issue here. 

The whole leg thing is beyond inappropriate while posted up at any bar. The light choke, and a face slap in public sends it from creepy to disgusting behavior. 

Again, these two are literally leaning against the bar at Xfinity. Just like when Phillies fans get busy in bathroom stalls, there are a million better places to indulge in whatever sexual tension you have with your partner. 

Leave Xfinity Live and go fuck in your car or just leave entirely and grab some alcohol and head back home behind closed doors.

Hell, I would even suggest these two go into the bathroom at Xfinity Live rather than doing this against the bar while other people are trying to grab drinks which goes against everything I stand for. 

As for those people who are upset with the fact that someone recorded this and posted it online. That’s a pretty weak defense. It’s 2022, everything is recorded constantly. Sure, it’s embarrassing but when there’s a million options to go somewhere else on the table and you decided to do this AGAINST THE BAR then I really don’t know what to tell you.

Maybe I’m completely in the wrong here, I just don’t think people should be doing this shit in public places while others are trying to grab drinks and have a good time but hey, the articles always go crazy so I’m glad it happened.

unfiltered, opinionated, and certainly do not care if you like it or not.

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