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Carjacked Sex

Disgusting Behavior: Couple carjacked while having sex

Stumbled across a video online tonight of a couple having sex in the back of their car (like you’re supposed to do) before ultimately getting carjacked in Brazil.

Couple Carjacked While Having Sex

Yes, this is disgusting behavior, but this time around, it’s surprisingly not on the couple having sex. You have these two doing what you’re supposed to do by leaving a public setting and getting in the backseat of a car to have sex.

These two followed all the rules yet still, got screwed over (pun intended) and had their car stolen. 

Really makes you think about all of the other posts I have written stating that you should be having sex in your car instead of in bathroom stalls and/or in the stands at an MLB game now doesn’t it?

I want to remain fair and balanced in my public sex stories, so the couple does deserve a little blame here. Hindsight is obviously 20/20 but maybe just shell up a few extra dollars for a hotel room that charges by the hour.

It would be cheaper than losing your entire car while you almost got off in the back seat. Hell, at this point, I would even suggest just going home instead of doing this on a residential street where clearly, there’s some bad things happening around you.

For the carjackers, maybe a little respect please? I’m sure there are a million other cars that were available to steal that didn’t have a couple making love in the backseat. There’s no reason to follow through with stealing the car at that point. 

If the carjackers were looking for a quick payday, the better move would have been to whip out their camera phones and film the couple and then blackmail them into paying for the video. Once you get paid, then you steal the car anyways.

Would have been the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

That’s double the payday, baby. 

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