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Dolphins tailgate ends with 10+ cars on fire in certified bonehead move

A Dolphins fan committed what some are calling the most egregious tailgate foul of the 21st Century. His mistake? Not turning off the grill for the tailgate he was hosting.

The cars of 10+ tailgate attendees went up in flames in the parking lot of the Dolphins’ stadium:

Jesus Christ, this one is colossally stupid, even by my standards. Of course, nothing is too dumb to cover here at The Liberty Line, but we are as close as possible to that line.

I totally understand being forgetful when intoxicated. But there’s a difference between forgetting to close your window after a night out and being so blasted you forget to turn your grill off.

This isn’t an indictment on those attendees that enjoy imbibing the maximum capacity. This is America, after all. However, it should serve as a lesson to potential hosts.

If you are hosting you can’t be the drunkest person there. Well, nothing’s stopping you, but you certainly shouldn’t.

That said, I’ve taken it upon myself to put together a new PSA campaign for football fans everywhere.

my advice to the dolphins tailgate host

So either watch your booze intake (difficult, I know) or assemble a hosting crew you’d trust with your life. Otherwise, you’ll end up like this guy.

He played with fire, and he got burned along with the personal vehicles of 10-plus people.

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