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Barack Obama made Steph Curry take back his stupid claim the Moon Landing was fake in 2018

Steph Curry divulged that former President Barack Obama sent him a firmly worded email. The reason? Denying the moon landing ever happened.

Obama had to remind Curry who the boss is

Huffington Post — The scolding came after the Golden State Warriors star made the shocking comment on the podcast “Winging It” in 2018, saying “I don’t think so” after asking others on the episode whether they thought the moon landing was real. “Sorry, I don’t want to start any conspiracies,” he continued.

Outrage rained down on Curry, usually one of the NBA’s most admired players. But it was the former president’s reaction that spurred him to undo any damage he’d done, [he] said in Monday’s profile. “That night, I got an email,” he said of the 2018 incident. “It was a pretty stern, direct one from President Obama” telling him that the first moon landing in 1969, like all those that followed it, was unequivocally real. “You’ve got to do something about this,” Curry recalled Obama telling him.

Obama and Curry

Do you know how dumb what you said had to be to get bitched out by Barack? That guy bombed schools and weddings in the Middle East and slept like Michelle tucked him in with a glass of warm milk and a bedtime story.

Then again… why would such a nonchalant character shut down Steph with such stern words? It would have to be because he was right… right?

No. Wrong. He did it because Steph is an idol to tens of millions of kids and him even joking about something so dumb makes all of those kids dumber. And that’s how the Chinese win.

Hell, Kyrie coming out as a flat-earther spawned a TLL Flat Earth Day 2021 t-shirt. We did it as a joke, but you know how many people started to believe that when he said it?

It’s a non-zero number; I’ll tell you that.

If Steph wants to enjoy an intellectual discussion about the moon landing, he should call AJ Brown.

Obama and Cirry have nothing on AJ brown

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Very real and legitimate journalist. I don't see a loss on the schedule.

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