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Albert Pujols 700th Home Run Ball

Smart: Fan who caught Albert Pujols 700th home run ball doesn’t intend to give the baseball back

Finally, we have a baseball fan acting smart for once. The person who caught the 700th home run ball from Albert Pujols is intending to keep it, at least for now.

Albert Pujols Home Run No. 700

According to Ben Verlander, the fan was approached after catching the home run and then left the stadium with the baseball. As of now, he’s holding on to the baseball. 

Smart. Fucking. Move. 

Just last week, we had the Yankees fan give the ball back in return for a few pictures with Aaron Judge, autographed balls, and a few bats for him and his friends. 

It had to be the dumbest move ever. I touched on something similar last week, but this person on Twitter had the best solution to catching such a prized baseball for Judge’s 60th. 

It looks like person who has the Pujols baseball is following a similar route. Honestly, I would do exactly what the Tweet above says. It would be an instant viral video with the entire world watching to find out the fate of the baseball. 

Anyways, glad to see the fan who has the Pujols ball did the right thing. There’s no time to get caught up in the rush of having the ball, being approached by people at the stadium, and have a bunch of low-ball offers thrown in your face. 

You caught the ball. Get a good payday out of it. Something like that rarely ever happens and you might as well cash in on your lucky day.

Pujols commented on the baseball and he doesn’t appear to care about the ball anyways.

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