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Edwin Diaz 4-0 Mets

LOL Mets: Edwin Diaz walking out to Narco down 4-0 in an elimination game is absolutely hilarious

There’s a few things you can always count on during the span of an entire MLB season. Most notably, would be the New York Mets figuring out a way to completely fall apart when it matters most at the end of the September and in the early rounds of the playoffs. 

With their season on the line, the New York Mets sent Edwin Diaz to the mound down 4-0 to the San Diego Padres. To everyone’s surprise, Diaz walked out to his normal, overplayed, overhyped entrance song, Narco.

Edwin Diaz Walks Out to Narco Down 4-0 In Elimination Game

I’m not sure who even thought this was a good idea in the first place. It’s pretty hard to even comprehend playing that stupid trumpet song while you’re in an elimination game down 4-0. I wonder if Diaz was self-aware enough to realize that? Regardless, the Mets broadcast crew or whoever is responsible for allowing that to happen should almost definitely be on the hot seat.

You just CAN’T let that happen.

I haven’t watched a ton of Mets games nor am I a fan of the Diaz walkout song, however the fact that it’s even considered an option to play when you’re not in a save situation is completely bonkers. 

The Mets should have listened to Jerry Seinfeld back in early September after they made a spectacle with the trumpet song then. Of course they didn’t, and the Mets will always be the Mets. Season over. 100+ win regular season down the drain. They now find themselves sitting at home while the Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies will begin the NLDS tomorrow in Atlanta. 

Shoutout to Phans of Philly, who threw TWO epic Phillies Wild Card watch parties while we were in Arizona with thousands of Eagles fans for the last four days. Truly incredible stuff.

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