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Braves Phillies Fight

WATCH: Old, angry Braves fan tries to fight two legends from DELCO at Game 1 of the NLDS in Atlanta

The Philadelphia Phillies beat the Atlanta Braves in their own ballpark to steal Game 1 of the NLDS, 7-6.

The win was massive for a few reasons. Mainly because the Braves had Max Fried, their certified ACE pitcher on the mound, while the Phillies had the third man in their rotation in Ranger Suarez on the bump. Now, the Fightins can send Zack Wheeler to the mound tomorrow, followed by Aaron Nola at Citizens Bank Park on Friday.

Both NLDS games in South Philadelphia are SOLD OUT already while down in Atlanta, it was a different story. Right up until game time you could still grab tickets as low as $9.00 to get inside the ballpark. That’s a tough look regardless of the start time for the defending World Series champs.

All of that brings us to these two kids from Delco, who were in Atlanta for the Game 1 win and are now going viral on social media after some loser Braves fan tried to fight them.

Unhinged Braves Fan

This dude, sitting here with his wife, was trying to fight a bunch of teenagers rooting for the Phillies in the upper level. Look, I’m sure these two gems were being annoying as hell up in the bleachers but how couldn’t you be?

The Phillies just did the improbable and stole game one from the Braves. All things considered, just being loud at an MLB Playoff Game is hardly a reason to get a drink thrown on you and almost attacked by a creepy old guy, right?


Saying you’re going to “beat down” on two younger kids while you don’t even hold the high ground at a sporting event is just a wild move. I have no doubt in my mind would have got his ass kicked worse than Max Fried did on the mound today.

Anyways, Chris O’Connell caught up with the Phillies fans after the game. Here’s what they had to say about the incident.

Of course these legends are from Delco and ended the interview about attending Game 1 of the NLDS with an Eagles chant. That was expected the second I saw Delco in the Tweet.

It seems like they had the rest of the crowd on their side and judging by the video evidence, I would have to agree with them. Luckily, that guy’s wife pulled him away and there wasn’t a fight. We’ve all seen that story before. It would have easily been thrown on the Phillies fans while the Braves fan walked away squeaky clean.

Anyways, shoutout Delco and these two guys. Get them back in the ballpark tomorrow and lets take Game 2 with Wheeler on the mound.


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