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LeBron James

LeBron James and The Shop to host alternative broadcast for Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime

A new broadcast that almost certainly no one in America asked for will feature LeBron James and The Shop crew doing a broadcast of Amazon Prime’s Thursday Night Football game between the Tennessee Titans and Green Bay Packers.

LeBron James and The Shop TNF Broadcast

Well, at the very least, we’ll have video footage of LeBron James talking about the football game in case anything crazy happens and he’s then asked about it later.

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As we all know, King James has quite a history of lying about literally everything, so maybe this is a way to finally start putting his ridiculous stories on video to clean up his bad reputation as one of the biggest liars in world history. 

LeBron James’ Biggest Lies

  • LeBron said that he listened to Migos back in 2010 but their mixtape dropped in 2011.
  • LeBron predicted Kobe Bryant was going to go off for 70 points on the night he scored 81

LeBron James Reading Books – Always On The First Chapter

I wouldn’t be surprised if James comes out and says he is the first athlete ever to do an alternative broadcast for a football game. As you can see from the examples above, it’s certainly something that would fit the reputation he’s gotten over the past several years.

As for the Los Angeles Lakers, they are currently 3-10 on the season and in 14th place in the Western Conference standings.

You really hate to see it.

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