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Bryce Harper Super Healing Qualities

Scott Boras: Bryce Harper has ‘super healing qualities’ could beat Phillies’ timeline for return 

Interesting update on Bryce Harper’s timeline courtesy of his agent, Scott Boras.

According to Todd Zolecki, Bryce Harper has a chance to beat the Phillies’ timeline for return given the fact that his history with Bryce shows that he has “super healing qualities”.

Bryce Harper Phillies Timeline

The Phillies initial timeline expected Harper to return to his designated hitter roll by the All-Star break, with the chance of playing right field again before the end of the 2023 season. At the time, according to Todd Zolecki of, there’s was good chance that Harper could start swinging the bat again in as little as four months. That would put him on track to swing competitively in May, marking the start of his rehab and personal version of Spring Training. 

Of course, when you’re looking for other examples in regards to Harper’s timeline for recovery, the best player to evaluate would be Shohei Ohtani. The Angels star outfielder and pitcher had surgery on October 1, 2018 and was back in the lineup as a DH for the Angels on May 7, 2019. Also worth noting, as Zolecki mentioned, is that Ohtani had 50 plate appearances before being activated by the Angels, which added up to 26 days hitting off a pitching machine. 

Now, with Boras and his comments about Harper’s “super healing qualities” maybe that timeline improves and Harper will be able to go earlier than expected. Obviously, no one actually has any idea what the hell Boras even means by saying a statement like that and it probably means absolutely nothing.

At the very least, you can expect the MLB to be all over Bryce Harper’s recovery now, with likely 10-times the amount of PED testing to avoid any “super healing” that might be going on behind the scenes. Either that, or the world is about to be introduced to the first real-life super hero.

If it was anyone but Bryce Harper, I would consider that to be crazy, but you never know.

Thanks Scott!

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