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Nick Sirianni

A new Nick Sirianni metaphor just dropped; this time, it involves his famous Taco Soup

Mr. Metaphor Nick Sirianni just can’t help himself sometimes.

He’s like the Colin Cowherd of NFL head coaches. If there’s an opportunity for an out-of-leftfield metaphor, Nick Sirianni is going to take it.

During his Tuesday morning press conference, the Eagles head coach was asked about self-scouting during his team’s upcoming bye week. Among other things, he ended his answer comparing his football preparation to his cooking ability. More specifically, to how he whips up taco soup.

Nick Sirianni compares self-scouting to taco soup

“So, it’s very, very, very similar because when you go back, I don’t know, I make taco soup sometimes for my family,” Nick Sirianni said. “I make the taco soup how I made it the last time because, well my kids don’t love it, but my wife likes it. I make the taco soup the way I did last time. Why do my kids not like it? Well because I didn’t give them enough Frito’s on the side. So maybe then I’ll add a couple of Fritos.”

Genius. Absolute genius.

The most fascinating part of all of this is the fan reaction.

When Sirianni dropped his ‘watering the flowers’ analogy last season, it was met with disdain from the Philly faithful. “Dumbass,” “Idiot,” “Clueless,” were all commonly used insults in the aftermath of Sirianni’s last metaphor drop. Ironically enough, the Eagles have gone 22-6 since his infamous flowers analogy.

This time around, Sirianni is being called, “Hilarious,” and “Quirky.” A far cry from the type of rhetoric surrounding the head coach last year. Funny how winning changes the narrative like that.

Will his taco soup metaphor hold the same staying power? God I hope so.

Just imagine – the Eagles go on a deep playoff run, maybe even bring home their second Lombardi Trophy, and fans everywhere will be ordering Taco Soup shirts for the parade. I need that like I need air.

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