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The New York Giants will no longer receive new uniforms every game if they beat the Eagles on Saturday

There was a post on Reddit by u/NickFoles9 with a picture of a sign in the Giants’ locker room regarding their game uniforms.

The Giants will Reuse their Uniforms in the Playoffs?

Wait, is this real? There’s no way…

According to the letter, the Giants will be wearing the same white jerseys all throughout the playoffs, which coincidentally, will end tonight when the Philadelphia Eagles absolutely destroy them at Lincoln Financial Field in South Philadelphia.

The equipment staff apparently advised the team not to do any jersey swaps after tomorrow’s game with the Eagles. The goal is to use the jerseys until they get eliminated (which again will ultimately be tonight).

The staff also said their uniform company cannot make any more jerseys for the team at this time.

I’d have to assume this unnamed company isn’t used to the G-Men sniffing the playoffs, and they’re usually moved on by now.

The national media has all of a sudden made it seem like the New York Giants are the powerhouse of the NFL, and it’ll be a cakewalk for the G-Men on Saturday night at The Linc. We’ve got Audacy employees out ruling the Giants over the Eagles, and we’ve got people saying Daniel Jones is the best quarterback in the NFL…it’s gotten out of hand.

Less than 12 hours before game time. Buckle up, folks. It’s going to get ugly.

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