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Darius Slay

No apologies from Darius Slay for a physical Eagles defense against 49ers, as he declares “We took them out” on the Big Play Slay Podcast

Following the Eagles dominant victory over the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game, a narrative started making it’s rounds on the internet that Philadelphia was “lucky” to win the game and the 49ers season was “cut short by injuries.”

Obviously, that is a pretty lousy excuse for a team that just lost 31-7 in the NFC Championship Game. No need to take my word for it however, just listen to Big Play Slay. The Eagles cornerback hopped on his podcast on Monday to explain exactly why even suggesting something like that is beyond ridiculous.

Darius Slay breaks down the Eagles win on his Big Play Slay Podcast

Starting at the three-minute mark of the podcast Darius Slay addresses the media discounting the Eagles win directly. “We’ve seen this stuff across the media, ‘if this guy had been playing or that guy had been playing,’ but they was playing and then we took them out. We don’t want injuries, I don’t like injuries, but that shows a lot of physicality.”

That statement has been called harsh by some crybabies out there on the internet, but the reality is that football is a violent sport, and the 49ers were hyped up as the toughest, most physical team the Eagles would face all season. There were no dirty plays in the NFC Championship game. Just one team imposing their will on another.

And if people feel like the Eagles were too rough on the precious 49ers, maybe they should start looking to blame San Francisco tight end George Kittle. During a press conference in the week leading up to the game he dismissively referred to the Eagles as “good on paper.” Darius Slay notes right off the top in his podcast that this added an extra layer of motivation.

As a side note, this answer causing the Eagles defense to hulk out is evidence of how pointless it is to try to figure out what will be used as bulletin board material. I’m pretty sure most fans and media members didn’t really take note of what seemed like an innocuous comment about how the teams matched up.

The Eagles locker room on the other hand, turned it into a major focus point.

This Philadelphia Eagles team isn’t a group of plucky underdogs like they were in Super Bowl LII. They’re a ravenous pack of wild dogs looking to destroy everything in their path.

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