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False Flag? A homemade Kansas City Chiefs shirt ended up on the Rocky Statue last night

There are a few pictures circling around the internet today featuring the Rocky Statue with a homemade Kansas City Chiefs t-shirt hung around its neck. Needless to say, we’re a bit skeptical.

Kansas City Chiefs T-Shirt on the Rocky Statue

Honestly, I hope this is real, and it’s not just Philly fans putting a handmade Chiefs shirt on the Rocky Statue, but all things considered, we’ll probably go with a strong “fake” on this one.

History speaks for itself. Fanbases who mess with Rocky tend to get their asses beat. Just last weekend, 49ers fans threw a t-shirt on the Rocky statue, making a crucial mistake ahead of the NFC Championship. By now, we all know how that turned out for San Francisco, and we can officially add them to the “fuck around and find out” list of opponents who met the same fate. 

Rocky Statue Mistakes

  • 2015: Giants: L
  • 2017: Vikings: L (NFC Championship Game)
  • 2018: Patriots: L (Super Bowl 52)
  • 2022: Astros L (World Series Game 3)
  • 2023: Giants L 
  • 2023: 49ers – L (NFC Championship Game)
  • 2023: Chiefs???

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I’m skeptical about the latest display of disrespect for a few reasons. First, the Super Bowl is being played in Arizona. The history with the Rocky Statue is opposing fanbases traveling to Philadelphia and going on “invasion tours” thinking that everyone from Philly absolutely loves this statue more than life itself, only to get embarrassed during the actual game. 

Second, the homemade t-shirt just seems lazy. Again, you can’t force these types of things. Fans need to naturally make this mistake and deal with the consequences. 

Regardless, I’m loving the energy around the Eagles heading into the weekend off before we get back to business next week leading into Super Bowl LVII. 

Keep it coming. Go Birds. 

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