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Dallas Stars Fans Kissing

Disgusting Behavior: Dallas Stars fans making out in the stands during a playoff hockey game

A couple at a Dallas Stars hockey game were caught on video kissing each other’s faces off in what can only be described as a classic case of disgusting behavior

Dallas Stars Fans Making Out in the Stands

And they say true love is dead? 

No seriously, this is fucking disgusting.

I can’t even pretend to find this to be appropriate behavior.

I don’t even think it applies to the PDA category. You can’t be making out like that in public let alone at a hockey game. Just when you thought hockey players and fans were tough, you have these two sickos sucking each other’s tongues like they were the Dali Llama without a single care in the world. 

They don’t even notice everyone around them shoving cameras in their faces.

Side Note: Why on earth are people actually putting cameras in the faces of these two in the first place? That’s pretty fucking weird as well and they shouldn’t be let off the hook just because of what’s happening on the video to begin with. Mind your damn business people. Not everything needs to be recorded and then sent to Barstool Sports. Some people just want to go out and act like idiots in public. No big deal either way. 

And please, don’t get me wrong, I’m a champion of true love and showing affection to the man and/or woman of your dreams.

I’m also am beyond happy they didn’t head into the bathroom stall to get busy but at this point, like I say in every single instance that shows the same above, there’s always a better option than to do this in the stands at a sporting event. 

Just leave the arena and go to your car while the game is still going on and do whatever you want to do. Clearly, the game isn’t a priority at all so why even stay and do this in the stands?

There’s also a possibility that these two LIKE being watched, which I just realized while writing this, which is perfectly fine. If that’s the case, then the real sickos are the ones who are filming them like I said above.

UNLESS, that’s also a part of it and they want to do this in public, while being filmed.

God dammit. We’re in too deep at this point but at the end of the day, it’s still disgusting behavior to do this at a sporting event. There is always better options.  

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  1. YES!!! Disgusting!!! Pat Boone is right!!! Our Country has lost it’s morals!!!!!!!! How sad.

  2. Anybody who is that upset over young people kissing are nothing but hatters because we have all done something embarrassing like that at least once!!! Lol# were all young once

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