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Eagles Buzz: ESPN insider suggests Roseman should trade for Cardinals All-Pro wideout

It’s the time of year, folks. Where anything and everything will be said on sports talk shows for the sake of creating buzz on the timeline. Eagles fans know this all too well.

The latest entry in this mind numbing exercise comes from ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky, who inexplicably told his audience the Eagles should put in a call to Arizona for disgruntled wideout DeAndre Hopkins.

Orlovsky on why the Eagles should trade for Hopkins:

“Could you imagine, if you add DeAndre Hopkins to this offense that’s an RPO-based offense with A.J. Brown … they’re gonna get a ton of single coverage … their big bodies will make the offense even easier to operate,” Orlovsky said.

Adding Hopkins to the Eagles offense would obviously be something to behold. But it’s not happening, so let’s not get too caught up in what Orlovsky is saying here.


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For starters, Philadelphia is already paying AJ Brown $100M, and DeVonta Smith is going to be eligible for a contract extension next offseason. Hopkins is due $19.45M in base salary in 2023 and carries a $30M cap hit with him. He’s 30 years old, just served a six-game PED suspension last season, and he hasn’t hit 1,000 yards receiving over the past two seasons.

This can be cliche, but there really wouldn’t be enough footballs to go around if Hopkins joined the Eagles. Brown, Smith, and Dallas Goedert already gobble up the majority of the targets. Where exactly would Hopkins fit in there? And what would his primary alignment be? In the slot, out wide? It would be a good problem to have I suppose, but there’s no point in creating a problem for yourself when there’s no need to. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, as they say.

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There was a point in time when the Eagles actually did have interest in acquiring Hopkins, back in 2020 when he was in the midst of getting dealt from the Texans. It would have made sense to make that move then. Now, it almost feels reckless to put that much capital into one position.

Again, this is the time of year where anything goes in regards to NFL discourse. Orlovsky is just trying to get the good people of Philadelphia a little riled up. He’s not the only one who does it. I get it – ratings pay the bills.

Nevertheless, there is no truth to this rumor and it will not happen. As for Hopkins’ teammate and fellow disgruntled player Budda Baker…. I would certainly welcome him to Philadelphia with open arms.

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