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Joel Embiid Sam Hinkie Burner Gate

WATCH: Joel Embiid reflects on Sam Hinkie, Burner Gate during MVP Press Conference

Joel Embiid addressed the media earlier today and spoke about his journey from Cameroon to being crowned the NBA’s Most Valuable Player. 

Joel Embiid Full MVP Press Conference

During his press conference, Embiid couldn’t help but reference some of the more crazy times during his time in Philadelphia, specifically “Burner Gate” and the departure of former Sixers’ GM Sam Hinkie. 

“We went through a lot. Whether it’s the burner accounts. My guy Sam Hinkie getting kicked out… there’s a lot that has happened.”

Joel Embiid on Sam Hinkie / Burner Gate

The burner accounts are obviously in reference to former general manager Bryan Colangelo, who took over basketball operations following Hinkie being forced out by the league. Colangelo oversaw operations from 2016-2018 before he shockingly resigned after The Ringer published an article alleging that he was using several anonymous Twitter accounts to criticize Sixers players, including Joel Embiid, while discussing private medical information. 

After an investigation unfolded, it was determined by the Sixers’ franchise that it was actually his wife that was behind the burner accounts, something that Colangelo denied even after his forced resignation. 

The mastermind behind “The Process” was also brought up by Joel Embiid during today’s press conference. 

Sam Hinkie was responsible for selecting Joel Embiid third overall in 2014 following a miserable 19-win season in 2013-2014. As we all know, Embiid didn’t even play basketball for two full seasons after being drafted, while the Sixers went all-in on tanking and acquiring as many draft picks as possible. 

Hinkie, following the announcement last night that Joel Embiid finally won the NBA MVP award sent out the following tweet. 

Hinkie was forced out by the league in 2016 after widespread criticism on how he handled the Sixers “process” in rebuilding, but after drafting Embiid, he always had his support. 

Trust The Process became a rally cry for the city of Philadelphia and Embiid adopted the slogan, which created his nickname, “The Process”. 

“I think the fans are a big part of it, always being supportive,” he said. “Like I said yesterday, it’s not just for me. My teammates, the whole organization, the fans: Everybody played a big part (in) it.”

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