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Spencer Strider No Fans

Report: Spencer Strider supports COVID-19 lockdowns and playing baseball with zero fans in attendance

An interesting video from Atlanta Braves pitcher Spencer Strider is circulating around the internet.

In a quick interview, Spencer Strider told a reporter that he prefers to pitch in baseball games that have “no crowds” like the nightmare we all endured during the 2020 season that was plagued by COVID-19.

Spencer Strider Supports COVID-19 Lockdowns, Playing Baseball with Zero Fans in Attendance


What a weirdo. At first, I was convinced that this was another “gotcha” video from Pfizer, who continues to roll out wild marketing campaigns of professional athletes trying to convince people to still get vaccinated.

Fortunately, it appears that Strider was trying to be funny and simply failing miserably.

Can you imagine being so unlikeable that you attempt to joke around by suggesting there should be zero fans in the lower bowl of ballparks like we were back in the days of COVID-19 lockdowns? Yikes.

As a Phillies fan, you have to absolutely LOVE hearing this from Spencer Strider.

Welcome to the Jungle, Spence. We’re waiting for you.

You’re on a collision course with The Fightins in the NLDS and we all know what happened at Citizens Bank Park the last time you stepped foot inside it during the postseason. 

Rhys Hoskins Bat Slams Spencer Strider into Oblivion

In all seriousness, the Atlanta Braves winning the NL East with weeks left before they actually play meaningful baseball again will almost certainly doom them in the NLDS.

It happened last year and with the way the Philadelphia Phillies are playing baseball, it will almost certainly happen again this year.

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