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Tush Push

Tush Push Cope: NFL fans everywhere continue to cry over Eagles’ unstoppable play

Dating back to last season, NFL pundits and fans have been trying to rationalize the Eagles’ now infamous Tush Push play. In simple terms, Philadelphia has perfected the QB sneak, and because they’re so good at it, crybabies from around the league are trying to ban it.

These losers have gotten louder and louder throughout the early potion of the NFL season. Most of it is just weirdos complaining on Twitter, with some suggesting the NFL should limit how many times the Eagles can run the play.

These people really don’t matter in the grand scheme of this argument. The ones who generate the most noise – the NFL writers and media figures – are really the people we need to focus on. Because in all honesty, they should know better than to spew such ridiculous propaganda against the play.

A play, mind you, that every single team is allowed to run. When we cut out all the bullshit about the aesthetics of the play, the real gripe here is that not every team can run the play as successfully as Philly. That’s the true crime in the eyes of the media. It’s not a blight on the product presented every week to NFL viewers. If we really want to go down that road, there are several things we could categorize as ‘not visually appealing.’

For starters, Tom Brady’s reign of excellence was not that exciting to watch. He was no Patrick Mahomes – he ran a west coast offense that emphasized getting the ball out of his hand within two seconds. Not the most exciting thing to watch, but it was effective and at times unstoppable.

The Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears are about as unappealing as it gets, but these two teams will have a primetime matchup in Week 4 for the whole world to watch. I for one would rather watch 60 minutes of nothing but tush push plays than those two squad duke it out.

Tush Push

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NFL analysts are grasping for straws in their fight against the Tush Push

Alright, let’s take a look at what some of these jabronis have to say about the Eagles Tush Push, starting with FS1’s Nick Wright.

Wright’s argument here is that if the Eagles continue to perfect that play and it starts gaining five yards a pop, it’ll be the only play they ever run. The play is designed to get one yard. The idea that the Eagles will somehow find a way to push eleven defenders five yards off the football when the entire defense knows it’s a QB sneak is ridiculous. That will never happen. And there’s not a single example of an automatic five-yard play in the entire history of the NFL. Another baseless argument from Wright here.

Now let’s look at the clip that gained the most traction following Monday night. Some dweed from Barstool who goes by the name Steven Cheah wished an injury on Jalen Hurts during the Monday night contest, simply to put an end to a play his team could not stop.

After getting blasted by everyone on Twitter, Cheah, of course, pointed to Eagles fans cheering after Michael Irvin got injured at the Vet back in the 90’s. I’ll admit that’s a terrible look for Philly fans; no one should root for injury. But this is a classic example of ‘whataboutism.’

The simple way of explaining that argument technique goes like this: Person B accuses Person A doing something heinous, he/she then responds by accusing Person B of something of similar, in an attempt to push the argument in a different direction.

The bottom line is, if you’re rooting for injury you’re a loser. Steven Cheah was a loser before this incident, and honestly, he shouldn’t have a job in sports if he’s going to cheer for injury. Trying to fight Shane Gillis (our sweet PA baby boy) and then wishing injury on Jalen Hurts (our sweet, sweet franchise quarterback) is a great way to get an entire fanbase turned against you. Way to go idiot!

At the end of the day, there’s an argument to be had on the viability of the Tush Push and whether or not it should be outlawed. Obviously, no one is ready to have a serious conversation about it yet. I’m open to being persuaded, but as of this moment, none of these morons have given a legitimate argument for why it should be banned other than the fact that it’s unstoppable and their eyes can’t handle the sheer horror of a QB sneak.

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