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Bryce Harper ejected on terrible strike call by usual suspect

Bryce Harper was ejected on a fraudulent check swing call in the third inning against the Pirates. The home plate umpire appealed to third base, and Angel Hernandez was waiting there ready to make an ass of himself.

Needless to say, Bryce Harper was none too happy:

Harp was heated, and I really can’t blame him. Hernandez might be the single worst person at their job in the country. It’s literally every goddamn time with this guy.

Watching Bryce get fired up gets me fired up. I was on the edge of my seat, ready for action. If Hernandez stepped to him wrong, I was primed for battle.

The helmet toss as he walked to the dugout put a big exclamation point on his tirade. Plus, it gave one lucky kid a pretty sweet souvenir.

Could we have used him in what turned out to be a loss? Sure. But it’s hard not to love your MV3 go ballistic on an umpire in Game 159 after clinching a Wild Card spot.

I’m really hung up on Angel Hernadez’s continued displays of incompetence. Imagine getting torn a new one by the best players in the league constantly and having to stand there with this stupid look on your face every time.

Was Bryce Harper right? Yes.

Okay, now back to Bryce Harper. Even from the confines of the clubhouse, he continued to create entertainment and enjoyment for fans in attendance in what was the team’s last home game of the regular season.

It turns out that he sent Phillies staffers to get the helmet from the kid who caught it. Not to retrieve it, of course, at least not permanently.

Instead, Harper signed the helmet for the, creating the conditions for what the youngster called “the best baseball game he’s ever been to.”

Alex Coffey of The Inquirer wrote a great piece about the incident and the aftermath, which I’ll link below. I’m also in love with her, which isn’t really relevant to any of this in any way.

Bryce Harper goes into a bit more detail on the ejection and how much he hates Angel Hernandez’s goofy ass. Apparently, Hernandez told him to watch the replay. Harper told Coffey, “I didn’t need to see the replay.”

Give it a read. Go Phils. God bless Bryce Harper.

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Mandatory Credit: NBC Sports Philadelphia

Very real and legitimate journalist. I don't see a loss on the schedule.

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