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Nick Castellanos flips ring finger at Phillies dugout after electrifying 4th inning double

Nick Castellanos has officially set the tone for Red October. The right fielder reached second on a bloop double, putting two runners in scoring position and immediately turning to seemingly flip off the Phillies dugout.

Nick Castellanos added an extra move to the classic “Big Balls” celebration:

Of course, upon replay review, it was revealed Castellanos instead flashed his ring finger to his teammates. He wants a World Series ring on that finger, and he’s ready to stomp all over the Marlins.

At the same time, that moment exuded the energy of a middle finger. Nick Castellanos might as well have flipped off the Marlins dugout for real because that’s the level of swagger he’s brought to the post-season.

Everything he does comes with undertones of “fuck you.” And I mean that in the best way possible.

Nick Castellanos showing his ring finger

I especially liked this moment because I was flipping off the Marlins from my living room couch simultaneously. Even though that wasn’t exactly what he was doing, it’s moments like this that show he has become one with the city of Philadelphia in a way few athletes can muster.

Fortunately for Castellanos, his teammates have taken the same steps to take on the identity of the city. This town loves this team, the absolute sickos they are.

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Mandatory Credit: ESPN

Very real and legitimate journalist. I don't see a loss on the schedule.

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