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Phillies’ new rendition of ‘Dixieland Delight’ is an instant classic

The Philadelphia Phillies love their music after a win. Having had the same victory playlist for the past two seasons courtesy of Garrett Stubbs, the squad has put their own new twist on an old classic.

The Phillies added some call and response lyrics to ‘Dixieland Delight’:

Listen to those boys singing their heart out. They are the songbirds of their generation, and we are privileged to have a front row seat to their ascension in both baseball and music.

This song should be assigned in every music class from local elementary schools to the finest universities. Berklee College of Music has already added it to the curriculum*, so I expect other top-tier music programs to follow suit.

They really are just a group of guys being dudes. Who hasn’t spent their last dollar on a beer? Who among us doesn’t hate the Marlins? It sounds like some buddies at the bar having too much fun, and that’s what this Phillies team is all about.

And it’s made even better by the fact that it was sung by dudes dressed like this. Red October is in full effect, and the Braves are next on the hit list.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


*Berklee College of Music has not confirmed this is any way.

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Mandatory Credit: John Clark

Very real and legitimate journalist. I don't see a loss on the schedule.

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