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Phillies wear new “Atta Boy Harper” shirts, chant the phrase in celebration after Game 4 of NLDS

The boys were buzzing in the Phillies clubhouse last night after clinching their spot in the NLCS. In the midst of the cerebration, a few guys broke out “Atta Boy Harper” t-shirts, obviously a reference to Orlando Arcia’s stupidity.

Orion Kerkering was the first Phillies player spotted in the now iconic shirt:


Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Nothing cements a moment in history quite like a commemorative t-shirt.

This team will stick it to anyone that so much as looks at them the wrong way, and they won’t care if someone listening. In fact, they prefer it.

The relentless mocking of Orlando Arcia’s blunder didn’t stop with the shirt. The Phillies kept the bit up by chanting “Atta Boy Harper” and showering Bryce with beer.

Fans love these clubhouse celebrations, and it’s not hard to see why. The team loves to party as much as they love winning, and they know the only way to keep partying on the company dime is to keep winning playoff series.

Of course, you have to see the back as well:


The only issue here is that this wasn’t The Liberty Line’s version. Fortunately for you, our ace graphic designer Gabe whipped these up immediately after Arcia’s postgame comments. How Kerkering got a knockoff, nobody knows.

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Mandatory Credit: Alex Coffey, whom I love dearly

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