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MLB Postseason Rules

Disgusting Behavior: Media and Fans crying about MLB Postseason rules because their teams sucked in October

MLB Postseason Rules! How fun! No, seriously, I honestly wasn’t even going to write about this since it was clear as day from the start of the 2023 MLB season that the Philadelphia Phillies would make the Wild Card and eventually beat the Atlanta Braves in the NLDS.

However, the amount of complaining and bitching about the MLB Postseason on social media over the last two hours has gotten completely out of hand. Basically, it all started because the division winners in the Braves, Dodgers, and Orioles all got their asses handed to them on a silver platter during the divisional round of the playoffs this year.

Now, instead of looking at those baseball teams and figuring out why they were god awful in the postseason, media members and fans alike have taken to Twitter to demand that Major League Baseball changes their rules because the top seeded teams can’t win in October.

MLB Postseason Crybaby

Ahhh….no? I’m sorry but everything needs to respectfully shut the fuck up already about Major League Baseball and the postseason format. It’s not any team that advances fault that they outplayed the team that finished with a better regular season record. 

Facts About The 2023 MLB Postseason

  • The Baltimore Orioles aren’t postseason ready (yet)
  • The Los Angeles Dodgers literally do this every year
  • The Atlanta Braves were outplayed and crumbled (again)
  • The Houston Astros had zero issue advancing

Oh! Not to mention, all these members of the media complaining about the current format take a look at the records over the last two seasons. I would stand with you if the higher seeded teams were 0-8 the past two years but unfortunately for the cry babies, the combined record is just 3-5 on the season. 

Some teams are simply NOT built for the playoffs. 

David Bearman from Pro Football Network should probably stick to, well, pro football.

It’s clear this dude barely watched a lick of baseball this season because if he did, the stats he listed below would simply say that the Braves can’t beat the Phillies on the road, the Orioles are super talented but too young right now, and the Dodgers are a Mickey Mouse fake powerhouse out west that come up short every single season.

So when people tweet shit like this saying “something’s gotta change” because the 4 NL MVP candidates in Acuna, Olson, Freeman, and Betts go a combined 6-43 (.139) with zero home runs in the NLDS, you really have to speak out against it. 

The only thing that needs to change is the fact these players crumble under pressure and the bright lights. Mookie Betts was horrible in the NLDS and honestly, has been a postseason disappointment for the better half of the last five years. 

As for the Braves, everyone said they had the most prolific offense in MLB history, yet they cowered for the second year straight against the Philadelphia Phillies. 

The time off is something that players want and honestly, it already happens during the All-Star break every season. Luckily, Spencer Strider actually came out in agreement to hopefully stop the rest of the Atlanta Braves media from crying. 

Spencer Strider Knows Damn Well That a 100MPH Fastball down the plate to Nick Castellanos was a BAD PITCH and nothing to do with extra rest days.

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