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Rhys Hoskins NLCS Return

Rhys Hoskins Update: Rob Thomson, Phillies leave door open for possible NLCS return

During the NLDS against the Atlanta Braves, Rhys Hoskins headed to Clearwater, Florida to take at-bats against live pitching with the hopes of proving that he deserves a spot on the NLCS and potential World Series roster. 

Rob Thomson recently spoke with the media and didn’t provide response on whether or not Hoskins would be ready for the NLCS but didn’t rule out the possibility. The Phillies need to submit their NLCS roster by tomorrow morning, so we’ll have an answer within the next 24 hours. 

Rhys Hoskins to return to Phillies’ NLCS Roster?

Rob Thomson on Rhys Hoskins Injury

Listen, I am a huge Rhys Hoskins guy. The entire 2023 season without him was rough and watching him travel with the team and stand in the dugout while his teammates make another postseason run at the World Series continues to break my damn heart. 

Yesterday was the 1-year anniversary of last year’s Rhys Hoskins bat slam

Watching Hoskins step up to the plate during the NLCS or World Series at Citizens Bank Park would be absolutely insane. The Arizona Diamondbacks couldn’t even begin to pump enough fake crowd noise into their practices in attempt to recreate what Citizens Bank Park if that happened.  

The Phillies are no strangers to quick turnarounds from serious injuries.

We are all witnessing what Bryce Harper has been able to do since returning from Tommy John surgery and Kyle Schwarber, when playing with the Chicago Cubs, tore his ACL on April 7, 2016 was able to return in time to pinch-hit and DH during the World Series. Hoskins tore his ACL on March 23, 2023.

Regardless, Hoskins would obviously only return to the Phillies’ roster in a pinch-hitter role for the postseason. He hasn’t been able to field any ground balls in Clearwater and while reports indicate that he’s been running better, it’s a long shot to see Rhys in the designated hitter role. 

That being said, let’s be realistic about the possibility of a Rhys Hoskins return this postseason. 

Rob Thomson and company do not want to put known defensive liability Kyle Schwarber in left field. They much rather have a platoon of Cristian Pache and Brandon Marsh in left, with Johan Rojas patrolling the outfield in center. That means that Schwarber will remain in the designated hitter spot with Bryce Harper obviously starting at first base. 

Where does Rhys Hoskins fit into that situation for the postseason after not playing all season and looking ahead, next year when he becomes a free agent? 

Well, no where really. That’s obviously the million dollar question. I will say, Rob Thomson’s comments make it seem like there’s a pretty damn good chance he’ll be available for the NLCS when the rosters are announced at 10AM tomorrow.

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