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Should Eagles fans be worried following loss to Jets?

The New York Jets defeated the Philadelphia Eagles at MetLife Stadium, ending two undefeated streaks.

One is the Birds’ record this season, as well as the all-time record between these two franchises. The Jets are now 1-12 all-time against the Eagles. So obviously, this game stung Philly fans for a lot of reasons

This game felt like a trap game to me all week. We were playing a very banged-up Jets team that, on paper, didn’t match up well at all against the Eagles. As well as having a huge primetime game on the radar against the Miami Dolphins.

But, if you’re familiar with the NFL, the classic “any given Sunday” logic was in full force not just in this game, but the San Francisco 49ers also felt that same effect as their undefeated season came to a close thanks to the Cleveland Browns.

I don’t need to run down the reasons why the Eagles lost this game but rather put things into perspective. The team is 5-1 and ran into some really bad injury luck, turned the ball over four times, and is still adjusting to 1st-year offensive coordinator Brian Johnson.

Eagles QB Jalen Hurts on How The Team Will Respond

How many times have we been down this road before? We still have Jalen Hurts, Nick Sirianni, Jason Kelce, Brandon Graham, and all the other guys who have faced adversity time and time again and come out on top. Should you have your concerns about certain aspects of this team? Absolutely. But I would not be in a state of panic or even worry.

I actually think this loss could be a great thing to happen to this team. Honestly, the Eagles got away with several games this year where they didn’t play anywhere near their best football and still won. This was a major wake-up call, and now they must fully self-reflect and realize it has been unacceptable. From the turnovers, decision-making, lackluster red zone production, scheme, and whatever else you want to throw in there. There were also a lot of uncharacteristic drops from some of the receivers in this past game.


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A lot of things need to be cleaned up for the Eagles. But again, this team has proven it’s built for adversity. This season, as much as we wanted it to, was never going to look like last year. And that’s okay, it doesn’t mean this team can’t make another deep run or even get to the Super Bowl. The path there is just going to look different.

Luckily the Eagles have the opportunity to play the Dolphins on Sunday night, which will be a fantastic test and a good indicator of how good this team could potentially be. There will be a lot of eyeballs on that game and you have to know the Eagles will have that on their mind all week.

Eagles Losing to The Jets Reaction

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  1. I saw the Eagles game. No, I don’t think the Eagles need to be worried after this loss. This is their first loss of the season. I would give it more time before they start to worry. If they lose a bunch of games in a row, then yes then I would start to worry but definitely not right now.

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