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Arizona Diamondbacks Twitter Account

Arizona Diamondbacks Twitter account was upset that Phillies’ fans bought up empty tickets on the secondary market for Game 3

Leading up to last night’s Game 3 of the NLCS between the Philadelphia Phillies and Arizona Diamondbacks, Phillies fans took to social media to share images of them buying up empty seats at Chase Field on secondary market websites like Seat Geek, in effort to limit the amount of D-Backs fans that were able attend the game.

When I initially wrote about what Phillies fans were doing, I made it clear that I felt that Major League Baseball screwed over Diamondbacks fans by scheduling a 2:07 PM start time for Game 3 of the NLCS on a random Thursday.

I also said that Phillies buying up tickets on the secondary market really isn’t the “direct hit” they thought they were delivering because nobody was going to use those tickets anyways. Obviously, the gesture wasn’t really impacting much of anything but at the very least, it was a fun troll job ahead of Game 3 for fans on Twitter.

I even went as far as sympathizing with D-Backs fans saying how awful of a job the MLB did and that it wasn’t right to have that game scheduled so early on a weekday.

That brings us to last night’s Game 3 and our pal Terry Franconia tweeting out a picture of Chase Field, specifically behind the Diamondbacks dugout, revealing how many seats were left empty for Arizona’s first home game of the NLCS series.

We were roughly 20 minutes into Game 3 and to many people’s surprise, the official account of the Arizona Diamondbacks on Twitter actually replied to Terry, saying “Guess certain fans shouldn’t have bought tickets they weren’t planning to use…” with a little emoji character shrugging.

Open seats behind Arizona Diamondbacks dugout for NLCS Game 3

There are quite a few issues with that tweet from the D-Backs, as well as just the general conversation opposing Phillies’ fans buying up unused tickets.

Apparently the D-Backs were under the impression that Phillies’ fans were buying lower level tickets behind the team’s dugout and simply not using them?

I really don’t think that was ever the case. Most purchases made from Phillies fans were in the $6-$16 range, not even remotely close to the lower level seats in the picture our guy Terry Franconia posted. 

Not to mention, you have the D-Backs official Twitter account replying to Phillies fans in the middle of what was basically a “must-win” game for their ball club while the score was tied 0-0. 

Is that really where the focus should have been? I would have to say no, right? 

Note: I know this article would have been much easier to plead my case against the D-Backs Twitter for lack of focus, but of course, the Phillies lack of focus at the plate and the fact they were swinging at EVERYTHING last night trumps that. A loss makes it a little bit more tough to talk shit, right? Credit to me for being self aware.

Anyways, there’s an easy solution here. The Arizona Diamondbacks need a better fanbase that actually cares they are in the NLCS. While they earn some extra leeway in my book given the fact it was a Thursday, 2:07PM start time in Arizona, that’s really no excuse.

On top of that, throughout the night, entire Diamondbacks organization and fans in attendance were doing everything possible to resemble a crowd at Citizens Bank Park and failed miserably. 

Arizona Diamondbacks hold up “Noise” signs to hype up small crowd at Chase Field

Tweeting about Clicks and Engagement for Clicks and Engagement

Again, all of this was really a non-issue from the jump. Credit to any Philly fan that seized the opportunity to embarrass the D-Backs by doing scooping tickets and posting them online and shame on anyone who criticized the plan of attack.

It was funny. Lighten up everyone.

Yes, I’m talking about Destiny Lugardo, the big fancy credentialed media reporter from Phillies Nation website who thinks she stands on a pedestal above other blogs and websites in the city because she has a press pass. 

What are WE doing? Destiny, we are laughing and talking shit on the team we are playing in the NLCS and their dumb fanbase that has no passion or loyalty to their baseball team. Is that so hard to comprehend? What are YOU doing?

Let this serve as a reminder that Destiny should never be invited to a tailgate, party, or social gathering because she has no sense of humor or really, social cues to to realize how funny it was to buy up tickets that again, were not being used in the first place and being sold on the secondary market. 

Make it Make Sense. Christ Almighty.

Oh and not to mention, The Liberty Line is driving an upwards of 75,000 people to the website DAILY so spare me the part about writing about Phillies’ fans just to “drive clicks and engagement”. Whether we or any other website that Destiny considers beneath her and Phillies Nation wrote that article, it wasn’t exactly the needle mover to save traffic for yesterday’s numbers.

Bad look from one of our own and I have zero issues calling her out because of it. Just another example of the credentialed media thinking they are better than everyone else when in reality, their media passes really give them little-to-no advantage over anyone else because it’s the year 2023 and all information, including direct access to players and coaches, is at your fingertips on social media.

Cristopher Sanchez vs Joseph Mantiply

ANYWAYS, the Phillies were brutal last night in Game 3 but I full expect them to bounce back tonight in Game 4 with Cristopher Sanchez on the mound against a Diamondbacks’ bullpen game.

Almost immediately after last night’s loss, Rob Thomson announced that Cristopher Sanchez will take the mound tonight in Game 4, opposing the Diamondbacks bullpen. The D-Backs will start with reliever Joe Mantiply and I guess just take it from there.

Ideally, Sanchez will be able to battle through 5-6 innings and hand the game over to the bullpen with no issues. I have complete confidence that he’ll do just that while the bats get back on track in the desert, setting up a series-clinching Game 5 with Zack Wheeler on the mound tomorrow night.

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