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James Harden

You know things are bad when Sixers’ fans are in full agreement with Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith in regards to James Harden

The only thing I hate more than the Arizona Diamondbacks thinking they have a fighting chance to win the NLCS while down 2-1 heading into Game 4 tonight is when I have to open up a new draft on the website to write about James Harden and the Philadelphia 76ers.

My guy Steven Conrad Jr just posted a full Weekly Roundup of all things Sixers while the majority of sports fans here in Philadelphia are hyper-focused on the Phillies and Eagles.

You check that out right here to get up to speed on the 76ers’ City Edition Uniforms for this season, Joel Embiid’s new sneaker endorsement deal, and yes, even an update on James Harden after he missed practice multiple times this week.

You Know Things Are Bad When We Agree with Skip Bayless

I mean seriously, in any instance that includes Skip Bayless and Philadelphia sports fans being in 100% total agreement on something then you know what the situation is, regardless of the player in question, is completely fucked up.

We’ll keep this short and I’ll let Stephen A. Smith do the talking. You really can’t sum it up better than the video clip below in regards to James Harden, his history of being a total loser, and his future not only in the NBA but also with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Stephen A. Smith on James Harden

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