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Arizona Diamondbacks Twitter Account

Arizona Diamondbacks Twitter account posts video, taking a victory lap for not losing the NLCS at home, after tying the series 2-2

The Diamondbacks are feeling themselves after winning Game 3 and Game 4 of the NLCS against the Philadelphia Phillies in Arizona.

For whatever reason, the D-Backs are under the impression that simply tying the series 2-2 is worth celebrating. The Diamondbacks official Twitter account posted the following video today, seemingly taking a victory lap because they avoided getting swept and/or losing the NLCS while playing home.

Arizona Diamondbacks Twitter account posted this today with the NLCS tied 2-2.

Side Note: Outside of known loser “Mad Dog” I have zero clue who any of these people are in the video and I’m fairly confident Phillies fans don’t either.

Wild move to put that video out today, after barely winning the last two games to even the series 2-2.

It would have made more sense to hold onto this post until, I don’t know, you actually won something, right? Taking a victory lap just because you didn’t lose in the NLCS while playing at home seems like the wrong move.

I’m honestly not surprised. The D-Backs are expansion league losers and have only been a team since 1998. Of course they have no idea how to act when it matters most.

I mean seriously, between the videos, the D-Backs Twitter account chirping at Phillies fans during games, to their Bobcat mascot mocking the Phillie Phanatic, Arizona is an unserious baseball organization.

Arizona Diamondbacks Twitter

I sound like a broken record at this point but no postseason series is won until a team wins on the road. The Phillies and D-Backs haven’t done that yet and now will enter Game 5 tonight with Zack Wheeler on the mound facing Zac Gallen.

I’m not going to pretend this video is any type of bulletin board material or the D-Backs “poking the bear” because it’s definitely not. We cannot go the Torey Lovello route as he continues to pretend like Garrett Stubbs saying he wanted to jump in the pool at Chase Field. That’s just ridiculous.

This video should only be considered as a failed attempt to “troll” Phillies fans.

Nothing more. Nothing less. We literally do not need a corny post from the Diamondbacks’ Twitter account that continues to embarrass themselves on social media. This team barely squeaked out two wins in Game 3 and Game 4 to even make the NLCS competitive.

This series should be over. Unfortunately, Kimbrel’s tank has been officially emptied at the worst time possible for the Phillies and now the D-Backs have this false sense of hope that they’ll be able to win this series which obviously isn’t something that they are going to do with Game 6 and possibly Game 7 being played at Citizens Bank Park.

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