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Rocky Statue Dallas Sucks Chain

Someone put a ‘Dallas Sucks’ chain on the Rocky Statue, which questions if the curse applies to our own fanbase

The Philadelphia Eagles will host the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday in a heated NFC East matchup between the two historic rivals. Ahead of any big sports game in Philly, it’s always good to check in on what’s happening down at the Art Museum with the Rocky Statue to get a good pulse of the city.

This week, someone put a chain around the neck of the Rocky Statue that read “Dallas Sucks” which sparked a debate online as to whether the “Rocky Curse” applies to our own fanbase as well as outsiders who visit and mess with the statue that sits outside the historic Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Rocky Statue: “Dallas Sucks” Chain

There’s an argument to be made that screwing with the Rocky Statue is a bad omen in Philadelphia, however I’m not sure if that applies to our own fanbase. 

The history with the Rocky Statue is opposing fanbases traveling to Philadelphia and going on “invasion tours” thinking that everyone from Philly absolutely loves this statue more than life itself, only to get embarrassed during the actual game. 

Opposing fanbases, as we all know, have made the mistake time and time again with the only game in recent memory falling in their favor being the Super Bowl last season. Even with the Eagles’ loss to the Chiefs, I’m not sure that even counts since that game took place in Arizona.

Not to mention, when the Chiefs gear was on Rocky, there was a ton of speculation to whether or not it was a false flag so maybe we can all be in agreement that game was a wash from the record books.

When opposing fanbases mess with the Rocky Statue, they are almost certainly going to be added to the “Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes” list, more commonly known as the “Fuck Around and Find Out” list.

Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes List: Recent Rocky Statue Losses

  • 2015: Giants: L
  • 2017: Vikings: L (NFC Championship Game)
  • 2018: Patriots: L (Super Bowl 52)
  • 2022: Astros L (World Series Game 3)
  • 2023: Giants L 
  • 2023: 49ers – L (NFC Championship Game)
  • 2023: Chiefs* – W (Super Bowl in Arizona, False Flag)
  • 2024: Diamondbacks (5 Fans, NLCS Game 1) – L
  • 2024: Dolphins – L 

Side Note: I’m sure I’m missing some but those are the ones in recent memory.

My personal favorite…

Personally, I really don’t care about the Rocky Statue. You can take that chunk of metal and toss it in the Schuylkill River for all I care. To be clear, this isn’t about “Philadelphia caring about a fictional movie character.” That’s the response that’s always given by opposing fans and it’s literally not true at all.

The majority of people don’t give a shit about the Rocky statue in the city of Philadelphia which is why it’s absolutely hilarious that people from out of town think it’s some major insult to our city and sports culture. Then on top of that, every time it happens, their team loses. We’re laughing at you.

The entire “Rocky and Cheesesteaks” bit is always lazy and uncreative.

That being said, I think my official ruling is that if it’s our own fanbase, you can definitely dress up the Rocky statue. Whether that’s a “Dallas Sucks” chain or hell, even a pumpkin head like we saw earlier this week for Halloween, I’m all for it.

Rocky Statue: Pumpkin Head on Halloween

Looking Ahead: We’re not too far away from Christmas. Someone toss a Santa Claus hat on Rocky and throw snowballs at it. That would almost certainly get the national sports media foaming at the mouth as we head into the final stretch of the 2023-24 regular season.

Go Birds. Fuck The Cowboys.

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