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James Harden being haunted by Daryl Morey at the free throw line

WATCH: Nets fans taunt James Harden with “Daryl Morey” chant, break him under pressure

It’s safe to say Brooklyn Nets fans don’t like James Harden anymore, and they don’t care who knows it. With the Clippers in town, Nets fans saw the perfect opportunity to let the player who forced a trade from their team hear it by chanting the name of his former GM and friend, Daryl Morey.

Nets fans showered James Harden with “Daryl Morey” chants when he was at the free-throw line:

I say former GM, of course, because he forced a trade from the Sixers as well. It’s become an established pattern, and the Nets definitely didn’t get what they expected from Harden and that core.

I still think a lot of Nets fans are dorks, but this is pretty funny. Granted, Morey did fleece them to get Harden in the first place, so it’s a bit of an odd choice, but this is a classic case of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Surely Harden was able to laugh it off, right? It’s only some harmless ribbing from fans who absolutely hate his guts. It can’t be that bad!

Well, one quarter later, he managed to sky a long pass from the corner all the way to the Nets announcer’s table. Fortunately for the commentator, he has hands like glue and made a hell of a play.

Is James Harden cooked? Potentially. Is it funny to see him mocked and ridiculed now that he’s played for my franchise? Absolutely.

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  1. No way Morey fleeced the Nets to get an injured, old man Harden, who was going to leave anyway as a free agent a few months later. For that trash the Nets fleeced Morey for TWO 1st round draft picks, our only backup center, and our best 3 point shooter. And Simmons is a good role player.

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