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Jordan Mailata

‘It’s personal:’ Jordan Mailata shares his feelings on Week 11 contest against Chiefs

On Monday, Eagles left tackle Jordan Mailata sat down with the crew over at 94WIP to chop it up ahead of the team’s Week 11 matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Towards the end of their conversation, co-host Ike Reese asked Mailata how he felt going into the game. What we got from the Eagles LT was pretty revealing, and honestly, it was a breath of fresh air from the typical answers we get from players in this situation.

Jordan Mailata: “It’s personal”

Jordan Mailata

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“I think for me, it’s a little more personal than some of my teammates,” Jordan Mailata said. “But, we’re always going to keep the main thing the main thing, and that’s going 1-0 every week and sticking to our game plan. But personally, I’m taking it personal… I’ll never forget that red and gold confetti falling on my head. I’ll never forget those emotions from that day. I haven’t even watched the film… It’s hard for me.”

I know there are some fans that don’t like to hear this kind of stuff, and I get it to a certain extent. We treat these athletes like robots that should put their heads down and treat every game like it’s just another game on the schedule. But that’s simply not how humans operate.

Of course there’s going to be an element of revenge heading into this one. How can you look at it any other way? It’s what makes sports, sports.

Very rarely do we as fans get to see a Super Bowl rematch the following season where both teams are still firing on all cylinders. The Chiefs are at the top of the AFC, and the Birds hold the best record in the entire league.

Jordan Mailata, and the rest of his Eagles teammates, should take this game personal. Not only because of what happened in Arizona in February, but because even despite being the only team in the NFL with one loss, the vast majority of media pundits and fans will still take Kansas City over them.

If taking the Super Bowl loss personal helps to add another layer of motivation, that’s fine. As long as Jordan Mailata and his Eagles comrades continue to keep the main thing the main thing, they’ll be just fine.

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