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Kelly Oubre Jr No Evidence

Philadelphia Police say there is not a single photograph or video that shows the alleged Kelly Oubre Jr hit-and-run on Saturday night in Center City

Pretty wild update from Jeff Cole at Fox29 today regarding the alleged hit-and-run that happened Saturday night in Center City involving Kelly Oubre Jr of the Philadelphia 76ers. 

According to Jeff Cole, the Philadelphia police say investigators do not have any video or photographic evidence “at this time” showing Kelly Oubre Jr being struck by a vehicle. 

Let’s be very clear on what Jeff Cole is saying. Again, the Philadelphia Police Department have zero photos or video evidence from a hit-and-run in center city that happened at 7:20 PM at the intersection of Spruce Street and Hicks Street. 

That’s pretty wild, right? So of course, with this tweet, that immediately opens up the flood gates to question on what exactly happened to Kelly Oubre Jr on Saturday night.

“The Police Department currently does not have any video or photographic evidence that depicts this collision,” Sgt. Eric Gripp, a department spokesperson, said Wednesday. “We continue to work in hopes of gathering evidence and we encourage anyone who has information to reach out to our crash investigation unit.” via The Philadelphia Inquirer

Reported Timeline of Events from Kelly Oubre Jr “hit-and-run” on Saturday Night

On Saturday, 11/11/23, at 7:20 PM, a crash occurred in the 9th District at the intersection of Hicks St. and Spruce St.

Unit #2 (pedestrian, 27/M) was walking westbound on 1400 Spruce St. crossing Hick St. when Unit # 1 (Silver vehicle, NFI) was also traveling westbound on 1400 Spruce St. at a high rate of speed and attempted to turn south onto Hick St. striking Unit #2, in the upper chest area with the driver side mirror.

Unit #1 then fled the location south on Hicks St. PFD Medics responded to the scene and transported the pedestrian to Jefferson Hospital in stable condition with a broken rib and injuries to his hip and right leg.

Two employees of businesses near the reported crash site told The Inquirer they reviewed roughly two hours of footage from that evening on their work surveillance systems and did not see the crash. They asked to remain anonymous due to the high-profile nature of the case. via The Philadelphia Inquirer

The popular Twitter account Philly Crime Update released a bunch of information yesterday on Twitter, questioning the timeline of events while also stating that the the on-going investigation into what happened with Kelly Oubre Jr was still open because his story didn’t quite add up. 

Note: The Philadelphia Inquirer stated a source familiar with the situation said that Oubre was shaken up when he gave his account to the Philadelphia Police Department.

Here’s what Philly Crime Update pointed out as information that they believe did not make any sense. You can form your own opinion, but my big dumb brain would have to agree that it feels like something is definitely “off” with the initial reports of a hit-and-run. 

How did Kelly Oubre get hit by a vehicle’s driver side mirror?

Kelly Oubre Jr is 6’7” which would mean that the driver side mirror would have to be nearly 6 feet in hight on the vehicle that allegedly hit him. Again, the Philadelphia Police Department is claiming that they have zero photographic or video evidence of the incident. As of today, there still hasn’t been any updates on finding the vehicle that allegedly struck Oubre either.

If Oubre was walking West he would have been facing West, correct?

According to the police report, Oubre was walking westbound on 1400 Spruce St. crossing Hick St. Looking at a map posted by Philly Crime Update, that would mean Kelly Oubre Jr was facing Hicks St and if the vehicle making a southbound turn from Spruce hit 6’7″ Kelly Oubre Jr with the the driver side mirror, he would have been struck in the back and not the front upper chest. 

Kelly Oubre Jr Police Report

That is bizarre. Again, I’m pretty stupid. No problem admitting it. However, I’m not really sure how anyone could argue the initial report doesn’t make sense?

That information is simply coming from the report of what happened and Google Maps. I wouldn’t even consider that speculation, but rather a significant oversight from the night of the incident.

Look man, I have no idea. I’m not a cop.

I hope Kelly Oubre Jr is on the path of recovery and we get him back on the court playing basketball with the Philadelphia 76ers as quickly and safely as possible. Oubre is in his first season with the 76ers and has averaged 16.8 points in the first eight games this season and has been a major part to the early success of the team.

Let’s just hope that this story doesn’t completely spiral out of control. Gotta be honest, it would be pretty fucking wild to watch it all unfold. I’ll keep you updated.

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