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Nick Nurse Kelly Oubre Jr

Nick Nurse was left to fend for himself against the media before the Celtics games, fielding questions about the Kelly Oubre Jr accident

Ahead of the Philadelphia 76ers game against the Boston Celtics on Wednesday night, head coach Nick Nurse took the podium to address the reports regarding one of his players, Kelly Oubre Jr. 

As I’m sure everyone is well aware of by now, speculation has emerged regarding the alleged hit-and-run that injured Kelly Oubre Jr in Center City last weekend. Oubre was reportedly struck by a vehicle and suffered injuries, including broken ribs, cuts, and bruises that will likely keep him out for a significant amount of time.

I have been following the story since last weekend and all of the latest updates and links to previous posts can be found right here >>

Nurse was asked about the report that put Oubre’s account into question prior to playing the Boston Celtics on Wednesday night. The Sixers coach did not see any logical reason as to why Oubre would fabricate a story.

Howard Eskin showing the line of questioning for Nick Nurse regarding Kelly Oubre Jr

“I don’t think it’s very fair to him to say that he made up some story,” Nurse said, via The Associated Press. “I just don’t. I’m going to believe him at his word. He’s one of our players and we’re going to stand behind him. And so am I. … I don’t have any reason not to believe him.”

Hey shoutout to the Philadelphia 76ers organization for leaving Nick Nurse alone on the podium to fend for himself and his players. There were non-sports reporters in the room grilling him over the Kelly Oubre Jr shit and there was no sign of Daryl Morey, who was with Kelly Oubre in the hospital following the accident or the Tad Brown, who’s the CEO of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment. 

Pretty awesome that Nick Nurse, ahead of the Sixers game against the Celtics on the second night of a back-to-back had to navigate through some pretty tough questioning from Howard Eskin and crime reporters about the situation, right? 

Not really.

Why anyone would think Nick Nurse was going to comment on an investigation into what happened last Saturday night was a reach to begin with. I will say, the questioning was fair but again, that has to be directed towards the GM or CEO rather than the head coach at that point in time. 

I’m not really sure if we’ll ever find out what happened to Kelly Oubre Jr and honestly, I really don’t give a shit. He was averaging 16.3 points and 5.1 rebounds a game on 50% shooting from the field over the 76ers’ first eight games and was thrusted into the starting lineup after James Harden and PJ Tucker were shipped to Los Angeles. 

Sorry to all the online detectives, but first and foremost, we need Kelly Oubre Jr back on the basketball court helping the Philadelphia 76ers win games. 

I’m sure whenever he does return, the story will find new legs once reporters have an opportunity to speak with Kelly Oubre directly. On that note, I’m not sure why he hasn’t come out already to clarify what he thinks happened? That seems like the logical move to keep all of the speculation and the court of public opinion at arms length right? 

Whatever. The Sixers are back in action tonight in desperate need of a win to remain in the hunt for the NBA Cup. They are on the road in Atlanta to face the Hawks in Game 3 of the NBA In-Season Tournament after falling to 1-1 in Group play following a loss to the Pacers on Tuesday night. 

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