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Update: TMZ says Kelly Oubre Jr footage would NOT have been released without permission

The Kelly Oubre Jr Story Continues…today, a producer at told Fox29’s Alex Holly that the doorbell video footage of Kelly Oubre Jr entering his apartment would NOT have been released without permission. 

TMZ: Kelly Oubre Jr Footage Wasn’t Released Without Permission

Okay so who can release that type of footage?

Obviously, the first party would be Kelly Oubre Jr himself. That could have come under the guidance of his agent or the Philadelphia 76ers hoping to quiet the storm around the fact there is no photo or video evidence. The other possibility is that Ring, owned by Amazon, released the footage to TMZ under company stipulations that the footage involves a crime or accident and is requested by law enforcement. 

Social Media Detectives Are Losing Their Minds

Of course, everyone has an opinion on what happened to Kelly Oubre Jr but much like the Philadelphia Police and apparently, Oubre himself, no one really knows the actual details.

It doesn’t matter which “side” of the debate you’re on, which of course on social media, have somehow formed based on political and racial divides. 

Regardless of all the bullshit and people thinking they are the keepers of fact and truth while pushing whatever bullshit narratives they have against people on “the other side”, I find it extremely difficult to think anything else but the information provided by Kelly Oubre Jr, the Philadelphia Police Department, the Sixers, and now TMZ provide an accurate description of what actually unfolded. 

Kelly Oubre Jr Timeline of Events:

Again, we still know absolutely nothing and every day more information is released that contradicts the initial report that Kelly Oubre Jr told law enforcement. Weird. 

There is still have zero evidence of Kelly Oubre Jr actually involved in a hit-and-run and him walking into his apartment, now with a bike, and letting his wife know that he was hit by a car is hardly bulletproof evidence of anything. 

Social Media Continues to Lose Their Minds Over Kelly Oubre Jr Case

A popular narrative that Kelly Oubre Jr is “new to the city” which is why he initially had the incorrect location of the accident while also stating that it’s “crazy” to think that someone who’s only been here for 1.5 months would know street names.

That really doesn’t make sense. Regardless if Oubre doesn’t know exactly where it happened, he’s up and moving around, heading into the Sixers’ training facility and working out. Why can’t Kelly Oube Jr point investigators in the general direction of where his alleged hit-and-run took place? 

Think about it. In my opinion, that doesn’t really add up. 

Again, the initial story stated that Oubre was walking down the street (yes, I know he could have been walking with his bike) and was struck my a side mirror on a car. There was never any mention of a bike or the fact that Oubre returned home and notified his wife, who then called an ambulance.

Initially, we were unclear as to how Oubre got medical attention, right? Pretty sure we were told that happened near the scene of the accident. If that’s the case, where did the ambulance pick up Oubre after his wife called the paramedics? Why doesn’t Oubre or medical professionals know the location?  

Those all seem like big details that were completely left out of the initial reports. Whether that is the fault of the media, Oubre, or the Sixers is certainly worth the debate. 

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