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Aaron Nola

Aaron Nola and the Philadelphia Phillies are in agreement on a new contract to keep him in red pinstripes for the foreseeable future

Aaron Nola will remain in Philadelphia for the foreseeable future. 

According to Jeff Passan of ESPN, the Philadelphia Phillies have agreed to a seven-year, $172 million deal to keep the Aaron Nola in red pin stripes for good. Nola has spent his entire nine-year career with the Phillies and was considered to be one of the top free-agent starters this winter. 

Aaron Nola stays with Phillies: 7-year, $172 million contract

While also receiving interest from the New York Yankees, Atlanta Braves, and St. Louis Cardinals, Nola chose to stay home in Philly. Really can’t beat it. He has long stated that he wanted to remain in red pin stripes and the Phillies jumped at the opportunity to ensure that happened. 

The fact that the Phillies agreed bring back Nola on a 7-year contract is pretty wild. I thought for sure the length of the contract that Nola was looking for, paired with other teams willing to give it to him, would send Nola packing.

Regardless, $24.5mm/year is a great deal for everyone involved.

Keep an eye out on how the Phillies continue to approach free agency. It would be great if they added another starter while adding a more consistent power bat on the right side of the plate. Of course, they need to make sure they land Josh Hader too. Nola is a good start, and we’ll see if this triggers a domino effect across signings as we roll into December.

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Disclosure: Not my best article but currently in Kansas City with The Liberty Line and Phans of Philly for the Eagles-Chiefs tomorrow night. Needless to say, we had ourselves a night last night.

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