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Woj: Harden wants to be in Philadelphia, hasn’t request a trade, plus the 76ers and Nets haven’t engaged in serious dialogue but might today

The NBA Trade Deadline is at 3 PM today, and one way or another, we will finally have some answers on what the Philadelphia 76ers will do regarding a potential trade involving Ben Simmons and James Harden.

Social media has turned into a cesspool of complete nonsense over the past 48 hours, and I absolutely love it. You have NFL Players saying they want to have dinner with Hitler, while new and fake sources are tweeting that they know what’s going to happen with James Harden and the Sixers. It’s a god damn circus online right now, but in less than five hours, that will all begin to settle. 

Here’s where we stand today

Woj reported that James Harden wants to be traded to Philadelphia, but at the same time, has NOT formally requested a trade. 

Honestly, that sounds like he’s playing both sides of the fence. Don’t upset the Nets fans and organization by formally requesting a trade while not ruling out a move to Philadelphia if it happens, right? 

That’s some pretty good wordplay by Woj. Credit to him. Here he is explaining the same exact thing in video format, as he continues to hit all mediums. 

On, Woj also wrote his new report in an article and included the following:

Is it just me, or does all of these updates from Woj seem like a whole lot of nothing? Sure, it’s likely the 76ers and Nets will talk today and try to get a deal done. If it happens at a reasonable price (Ben Simmons and Seth Curry for Harden), that would be amazing.

However, what if it doesn’t happen?

Are the Sixers too focused on Harden and not listening to anything else out there to help improve their roster outside of a blockbuster trade to land an All-Star?

The 76ers do not have a backup point guard.

If Harden doesn’t happen, will there be other moves that take place before 3 PM to help improve this team? There definitely should be, but we have heard absolutely nothing on that end.

If the trade deadline comes and goes without any significant moves from the Philadelphia 76ers, all eyes will shift back to Ben Simmons and what he plans to do for the remainder of the season. Sure, it’s likely that he won’t play basketball again for the 76ers, but if he’s not moved, maybe that will change.

At the end of the day, any “legitimate” reporter should be held accountable for all of the bullshit that has unfolded over the past week, and all of their “sources” should be questioned.

I still haven’t seen any credible report stating that the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers are close on a deal. I hope I’m wrong, but at 3 PM, things could turn ugly if Morey remains silent and no moves are made.

Buckle up. 4.5 hours to go.

Mandatory Credit: Chris Sipkin

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