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Darius Slay, Twitter pro, throws shade at Carson Wentz

Since Darius Slay joined the Eagles in 2020, he hasn’t been shy about speaking his mind on Twitter. Whether it’s talking about how he felt he was snubbed for All-Pro honors, or giving his thoughts on fans booing players, the veteran cornerback is a seasoned pro when it comes to social media.

Darius Slay on All-Pro Voting

Darius Slay on Booing

And now, Darius Slay retweeting a Carson Wentz diss Tweet

Darius Slay knows what he’s doing when he logs onto Twitter and it definitely raised a few eyebrows when he decided to retweet a viral post calling former Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz “Mentally weak” and “injury prone.”

Now to be fair, the post was a direct comparison of Jalen Hurts and Carson Wentz. So it’s possible he was just highlighting how he feels like Hurts isn’t being given enough of a shot to prove himself as a quarterback compared to Wentz.

This isn’t the first time Darius Slay has let it be known on social media that he felt there’s a disparity in how Wentz has been treated versus some of his peers. Back when Carson requested to leave the Eagles following the 2020 season, he questioned whether Wentz would be held to the same standard as his fellow quarterbacks that made similar trade requests.

(He wasn’t treated the same. He was lauded as a special boy that needed to be closer to his bestest friend Frank Reich to thrive because they would pray together or something.)

So now Wentz is back in the NFC East following a disaster of a year in Indianapolis. The Washington Commanders have trotted out his bloated carcass to be their latest franchise savior. 

Darius Slay isn’t playing checkers here. He’s playing three-dimensional chess.

Dimension One: Insult Carson Wentz.

Dimension Two: Publicly support the current quarterback of his team, Jalen Hurts.

Dimension Three: Undermine Carson’s new teammates’ respect for him when they see he’s too scared of Darius Slay to respond publicly.

It’s a brilliant move by Slay to mentally dominate the opposition before a ball is even snapped. Slay has the mind of a master tactician. My only fear is that the President of Ukraine will scoop him up to lead his defense against Russia.

I’ve always believed that football games aren’t won on the field in the Fall. No, football games are won on Twitter in the Spring. Darius Slay just gift wrapped the Eagles a sweep of the Commanders.

Mandatory Credit: USA Today

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  1. Slay lacks the intelligence to play checkers so don’t bother about chess. He was never an Eagle when Wentz played. Why would a QB waste time responding to slay? If he hurts Slay’s fragile feelings the media is going to jump all over Wentz. Carson, unlike Slay knows that success on the field is the best revenge–not bumping your lips. Nope Wentz’s teammates are pros, who are looking to win a lot of games, have a successful season and advance their individual careers and stay paid building great tape! Slay is terrified because his QB is a lame passer, who makes great WR talent look average to bad. The Gridiron will do the talking. When those Commanders WRs and TE’s burn and manhandle Slay he will get his answer from Wentz tenfold.

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