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Ben Simmons KD Trade List

Ben Simmons continues to be a road block for any team he’s on with ESPN’s list of players KD can’t be traded for

I would like to start off this post by saying thank you to Ben Simmons. Anything Simmons touches immediately turns to shit and this morning, we were blessed with a full list of star players that the Nets can’t trade for because the NBA’s designated rookie rule.

Ben Simmons and the Designated Rookie Rule

For those unfamiliar, the designated rookie rule allows teams to sign players coming off of a rookie contract to a five-year extension rather than the typical four year extension. Teams can designate up to two rookies for these types of contracts. However, only one of them can be acquired by a trade. 

In steps Ben Simmons, who the Nets said yesterday they plan on keeping. Simmons has a five-year deal signed with the Philadelphia 76ers that the Brooklyn Nets traded for, so if the Nets do in fact keep Simmons, they cannot acquire any of the players listed above while trying to move either Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving. 

That’s problematic, given the fact that Durant made it clear yesterday that his preferred trade destinations are the Miami Heat and Phoenix Suns. Devin Booker and Bam Adebayo are both on the list.

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This will get interesting. The Nets could try to move Ben Simmons in order to get rid of the designated rookie rule, but that might be a tough task for Brooklyn. 

That list is filled with All-Stars that the Nets will certainly expect in return for someone like Durant. 

Tough sledding for the Brooklyn Nets but definitely something to keep an eye on. Ben Simmons may have to be traded again, for probably pennies on the dollar, in order for the Nets to successfully move on from Kevin Durant. 

It’s going to be a long summer.

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