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US Open Beer Chug Girl

Boring: US Open girl who chugs beer like a 12 year old went viral again

While the city of Philadelphia awaits the NFL season and the impending collapse of the Philadelphia Phillies, we’ll take some time to touch on other sports and videos popping up across the internet.

That brings us to the beer drinking girl at the US Open, who went viral again for “chugging” a beer on camera again after doing the same at last year’s event.

US Open Beer Chugging Girl

Originally tweeted by Joe Morris (@jspeedymorris22) on September 5, 2022.

And no. We should be very clear that I’m not critiquing the actual beer chug itself. I don’t care how fast you can or can not chug a beer. That’s literally beyond the point of this entire article. 

Well, maybe it is the point of this article now that I’m typing through it but regardless, I just don’t think anything about this girl is very impressive. 

There are a lot of things that upset me with this video.

Does it have something to do with the fact that her boyfriend/husband just kind of stands there while she is drinking a beer? Probably. You’re just there because she is bro. A mere accessory and/or prop.

Whatever you want to call it. You are for sure, not a part of this boring gimmick and you’re only making it worse for everyone else that has to pretend to care about your girl chugging a beer like a 12 year old.

Next, you have the “pump up the crowd move” by both the girl and the guy.


If there’s one thing I can’t stand when I attend sporting events, it’s when fans try to get other fans to get excited and pump up the crowd, making everything about them rather than the game itself that’s happening on the field or court below them. There’s literally nothing that a common fan can do to make me feel any more or less excited at a sporting event from the stands. It’s not about you. Stop it.

That brings us to the beer chug itself. One of the most pathetic beer chugs ever.

The Beer Chug: C+ and that’s being generous.

It’s Labor Day and I’m sitting in front of my computer with a solo cup and a beer and I have beaten her at least 10 times in a row and she refuses to throw in the towel so it looks like we’re taking this a full 12 rounds. Just like that, 12-0. Flawless victory.

This girl can sit the hell down now and leave everyone else alone. Her, I don’t know, 25 seconds of annual US Open fame is now over. Honestly, if she had any talent, it would have lasted 5-6 seconds instead of a full 25 seconds (didn’t count regardless) but she takes forever to knock down the beer. 

I honestly wasn’t even going to write about this but everywhere I look on social media today I see this girl and her dumb boyfriend cheering, standing next to her awkwardly and was left with no choice.

Who is actually impressed by this performance? Certainly not me. You shouldn’t be either.

Huge missed opportunity too for the three girls down in the front right as the video pans out.

They all have beers and if they could chug faster than this chick, should have gotten up and stolen the show right from her. Then, we’d actually have something to root for in this video. 

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