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Frances Tiafoe Joel Embiid

Frances Tiafoe rocked a Joel Embiid jersey and pulled off an amazing upset against Rafael Nadal at the US Open over the weekend

America is BACK in the tennis world after Mr. Red White and Blue, Truster of the Process, Frances Tiafoe pulled off an upset win against Rafael Nadal.

Tiafoe pulled off the win of the century, taking out Rafael Nadal in four sets to advance to the quarterfinals of the US Open. He was ranked No. 22 in the US Open and had No. 2 Nadal running around like a chicken with his head cut off and it was beautiful to watch. 

Not only did Tiafoe put America back in the Tennis World for the first time since Andy Roddick (maybe?), but he did so over the weekend rocking none other than a No. 21 Philadelphia 76ers jersey before each match. The 24-year old Maryland native is a Sixers fan. Incredible.

Frances Tiafoe Trusts The Process

That’s right, Tiafoe took the tennis court in an Embiid jersey. My only regret is not knowing who he was before he took down Nadal or else I would have bet my life on him winning instead of losing ridiculous amounts of money on college football. 

While, everyone at the US Open was booing the living hell out of Ben Simmons, and that boring beer chug girl was taking forever to slam a cold one, Tiafoe stayed the course and pulled off the major upset, with Joel Embiid watching.

Tiafoe will now face some dork by the name of Audrey Rublev in the quarter finals tomorrow. The 76ers need to get this guy on the phone now and have him be the bell ringer at the Sixers home opener.

America is back in the tennis world and Joel Embiid finally gets RESPECT on the national stage.

Trust The Process. Trust Tiafoe. USA! USA! USA!

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