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Tad Prescott War on Christmas

Tad Prescott tweets bizarre statement about not caring about his family or presents, hopes Cowboys roast eagles like a holiday hams on Christmas Eve 

Well this is just weird. The brother of Dallas quarterback Tad Prescott apparently hates his family and Christmas and only cares about Cowboys roasting (and presumably eating) an eagle like a holiday ham on Christmas Eve. 

Tad Prescott Incriminating Himself on Twitter

In what can only be described as another example of “The War on Christmas” Tad took to Twitter yesterday to insult the billions of people on Earth who celebrate Christmas, while also suggesting that the Cowboys commit a crime that will likely result in criminal prosecution and civil rights penalties. 

The Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act

The Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act (16 U.S.C. 668-668d), enacted in 1940, and amended several times since, prohibits anyone, without a permit issued by the Secretary of the Interior, from “taking” bald or golden eagles, including their parts (including feathers), nests, or eggs.


Look, I’m no snitch, never have been and certainly never will be, but when someone is threatening to roast an eagle (and presumably eat it) on Christmas Eve, as an American citizen, it is well within my duty to prevent that from happening at all costs. 

On top of that, it appears that there’s trouble in the Prescott household. Tad appears to absolutely hate spending time with his family and doesn’t enjoy presents. He does mention the Dallas Cowboys also roasting eagles so it’s really confusing how deep this entire rabbit hole goes.

With the Cowboys set to play Philadelphia on Christmas, coupled with the comments that Micah Parsons made (then walked back) over the past week, it really doesn’t seem like this team is worried about anything besides ruining the holidays for as many people as possible.

Does Tad realize that by pulling his brother and the rest of the team into his sick, twisted, plans for Christmas, it will take away from the Cowboys’ game this weekend against the Jacksonville Jaguars and likely have everyone in Dallas thrown in jail before the pivotal NFC East matchup against Philadelphia on Christmas Eve?

Luckily, as we all learned earlier this week, no one in Philly is even entertaining such comments.

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