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Chris Simms: I would still rather have Daniel Jones as a passer over Jalen Hurts

Yeah. The title of this article speaks for itself. Chris Simms might be the dumbest person on planet earth for even suggesting that he would rather have Daniel Jones over Jalen Hurts as a passer. But in typical Chris Simms fashion, that’s exactly what he said.

Chris Simms: Daniel Jones over Jalen Hurts

The entire conversation is completely stupid. Switching quarterbacks and asking if the result would be the same is beyond insulting to what Jalen Hurts provides to this Philadelphia Eagles offense. Basically, it’s just Simms doubling down on Hurts being a “system quarterback” which after two weeks without him behind center, it was pretty evident that he wasn’t that and there’s no shot in hell Daniel Jones is under center for the Eagles and we are in the same position we are right now.

Hey Chris Simms, you’re getting yourself in trouble for saying the most ridiculous shit ever and then complaining when people are mean to you. For whatever reason, you continue to do it which probably means that you’re just a fraud and no one pays attention to you until you say something completely ridiculous about a quarterback that’s supported by one of the smartest fan bases in all of sports. 

Daniel Jones had a passer rating of 92.5 with 3,205 yards, 15 touchdowns and 5 interceptions in 16 games this season.

Jalen Hurts had a passer rating of 101.5 with 3,701 yards, 22 touchdowns and 6 interceptions in 15 games this season.

Jalen Hurts had 760 rushing yards this season with 13 touchdowns.

Daniel Jones had 708 rushing yards this season with seven touchdowns. 

Just give it up already Chris Simms. It’s such a bizarre hill to die on. Again, the only reason for it is if this is the only way to get people to interact with you. There’s literally no other option besides that or just being a total idiot. 

Maybe both? Cmon Christopher. Enough is enough. 

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