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WATCH: Anthony Rendon confronts a trash-talking fan after Opening Day loss, has to be pulled away

Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon wasn’t backing down from any smoke in last night’s 2-1 loss to the Oakland Athletics.

The full story hasn’t been released yet, but from what we know, the A’s fan seemed to be talking some serious trash as Rendon was heading back into the dugout. When the game finally ended and Rendon was heading into the tunnel the fan and proceeded to go talk shit, which led to Rendon grabbing the A’s fan shirt, and attempting to slap him.

Anthony Rendon Swings on Fan Following 2-1 Loss

Honestly, credit to the fan here. He walked right up to the end of the stands overlooking the dugout and didn’t really back down from Rendon, who clearly lost his cool. Plus, he’s an Oakland Athletics fan. What in the world could he possibly be saying to anyone about baseball?

Regardless, I would have been shitting my pants if Rendon, the 6’2″, 200 pound professional baseball player was gripping me up but that really didn’t seem to be the case here.

Maybe the fan was waiting on a pretty payday from the lawsuit if he ended up going over the railing. Gotta, remember the money that’s on the line.

Look, I understand how annoying fans might be in the stands, especially during a 2+ hour long baseball game. Who knows how long Rendon was getting chirped but he can’t lose his cool like this. It will never end in his favor. Now, the MLB is investigating the incident and I’m sure there’s a heavy fine coming his way and possibly a suspension.

At least this happened on Opening Day, but not like it matters anyways because the Angels simply can’t get things together out in Anaheim.

Rendon really can’t be letting fans get to him. Maybe focus on the $300M contract he signed with the poverty Los Angeles Angels.

Shohei and Trout could sure use the help.

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