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Baltimore Orioles Water Bong

WATCH: Baltimore Orioles debut the ‘Water Bong’ celebration, as dugout props have officially jumped the shark

The Baltimore Orioles have a new dugout celebration and it’s beyond corny, which is saying something.

Baltimore Orioles Water Bong Dugout Celebration

A lot of people are saying this is one of the greatest celebrations in baseball and like usual, they are completely wrong.

Honestly I couldn’t disagree more.

This is extremely corny and the fact that the rest of the players are looking on like Ryan Mountcastle is about to do something crazy makes it even worse.

It’s literally water.

I’m pretty sure in Maryland they call this a funnel which already makes it the most uncool thing ever.

It’s a beer bong, just like corn hole is corn hole and not “baggo”.

Two, this reminds me of my freshman year at WVU where me and my roommate walked out of our dorm room and into our commons area at Braxton Tower looking to drink with others on our floor and found a bunch of kids shotgunning Monster Energy drinks and taking mouthfuls of pre-workout instead.

Doing a beer bong filled with water gives off the same vibes. It’s a blatant attempt at being cool and comes off extremely dorky.

Honestly, I’m pretty anti-prop celebrations all around. I never liked the home run hat the Phillies had either so trust me, the criticism touches all the bases. (sick baseball reference, I know).

Angry Old Man Take: Back in my day, baseball players would actually drink beer in the dugouts as well as pump their bodies full of steroids while ripping greenies to lock themselves into the game. Now, we have dorks in Baltimore beer bonging water. This is what happens when you try to change the game of baseball. Disgusting.

Phillies Quick Notes

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