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Rockies Mascot Dinger Tackled

WATCH: Rockies mascot Dinger gets tackled by fan, suspect remains at large

The Colorado Rockies mascot Dinger was tackled by a fan on Monday night during a game against the St. Louis Cardinals. Now, police are looking for help in finding the personal responsible. 

Rockies mascot Dinger tackled while dancing on the dugout

Honestly, the video is pretty hilarious. I do however, have a bunch of questions.

  • This dude just gets up and tackles the mascot and then, somehow gets away? 
  • How is that even possible? 
  • Who’s the guy in a safari outfit?
  • None of it really makes sense, right? 

I honestly can’t figure this one out.

Even the Denver Police Department obtained a photo of the guy but still, can’t seem to identify them suspect.

Dinger Tackler Photo Released on Thursday

What was the reason this guy tackled Dinger in the first place?

Listen I understand it looks fun as hell to tackle a mascot but that’s just not the appropriate thing to do in this situation, obviously.

At the same time, you start drinking a few Modelo tall boys and tell me if you’re not going to try to tackle a dancing dinosaur.

I won’t answer because I definitely don’t want to incriminate myself.

Anyways, a fan gets up out of the stands, tackles Dinger, who’s dancing on the dugout, then a guy in a safari outfit runs over, attempts to detain the fan, but failed to do so? 

Then the fan was able to make it the whole way up the aisle and exit the stadium without being stopped by authorities? 

Here’s another video of the incident:


Dinger, like a true professional, kept on dancing and stayed in character. You really can’t ask for anything more from a mascot. Great work from the dinosaur while literally everyone else failed to do their job in stopping the fan who tackled the mascot in the first place.

I will say, this type of shit would never fly in Philadelphia. If someone tried to do that to the Phanatic, you would have half of Citizens Bank Park on top of the guy within seconds. People would be jumping down from the second level to make sure the culprit didn’t get away.

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