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Nasty Stuff: Philly Sports Talk Radio asking Jason Kelce about his brother’s dating life

Let’s just get right to the point. Philadelphia Eagles center and future Hall of Famer Jason Kelce deserves much better than being used as a PR agent in regards to the “relationship” between his brother Travis and pop superstar Taylor Swift.

Nasty Stuff: Sports Radio WIP pulling Jason Kelce into Travis Kelce’s Dating Life

To be Clear: Jason Kelce is a Super Bowl champion. He’s also a 6x Pro Bowl center and a 5x First Team All-Pro. He’s one of the greatest ever to play the center position in the NFL and will likely be a first ballot Hall of Famer.

In no way, shape, or form, should Jason Kelce be fielding questions about his brother and his personal dating life. That is completely unacceptable. 

Yes, I understand that the Kelce brothers have a very successful podcast and Jason Kelce just released an in-depth documentary on his life outside of football on Amazon Prime. The Kelce brothers have become bigger than football in that way, but there still needs to be lines drawn on what’s acceptable conversation during the NFL season.

Literally nobody in Philadelphia cares about Travis Kelce’s dating life.

Why? Well, because Travis Kelce doesn’t play in Philadelphia.

I know that may come as a shock to Taylor Swift fans, but Jason’s brother is a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. That’s the team that ripped the hearts out of Philadelphia Eagles fans last February in Arizona. So while I understand that Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce are brothers whatever happens between Travis and Taylor Swift needs to stay in Kansas City.

Let their Sports Talk Radio get to the bottom of their rumored relationship and let the internet go crazy on finding out details. We are focused on the Philadelphia Eagles and getting back to the Super Bowl and winning it this year. Nothing else matters. Period.

Get that shit outta here. It’s not our responsibility to join the celebrity gossip hour about Travis and it’s definitely way below the standards of Jason Kelce and the questions that he should be answering ahead of Week 3 on Monday Night Football against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

D’Andre Swift is the only “Swift” I will acknowledge moving forward

The only “Swift” we acknowledge in Philadelphia is D’Andre Swift. The Philadelphia native and running back for the Birds just clinched the FedEx Ground Player of the Week after notching a career-high 175 yards on 28 attempts with a touchdown against the Vikings on Thursday Night Football. 

It was the second-most rushing yards of the Sirianni era behind the 363-yard performance against the Packers back in 2021. Swift led the ground attack with a career-high 175 yards, the most from an Eagles’ running back since LeSean McCoy in 2013. 

That’s 259 yards, without Kenny Gainwell and Hurts only rushing for 35 of them. Pretty impressive from the Eagles’ offensive line and of course, the hometown kid D’Andre Swift. 

  • Swift: 28 RSH, 175 YDS, 6.3 AVG, 43 LNG, 1 TD
  • Scott: 5 RSH, 40 YDS, 8 AVG, 18 LNG
  • Hurts: 12 RSH, 35 YDS, 2.9 AVG, 8 LNG, 2 TD

Leave Jason Kelce alone. We have bigger things to focus on than his brother’s dating life. Moving to 3-0 on the season on Monday Night Football against Baker and the Bucs is of the upmost importance.

Phans of Philly – Eagles Tailgates and Travel Packages

The Eagles will head to Tampa to face Baker Mayfield and the Buccaneers next week on Monday Night Football. The Liberty Line will be in attendance, traveling with Phans of Philly from Friday to Tuesday.

Last season with Phans of Philly, The Liberty Line headed out to Arizona to watch the Eagles face the Arizona Cardinals. Honestly, the timing shouldn’t be any more perfect since the Phillies just locked in a postseason spot and were playing the St. Louis Cardinals in the NL Wild Card round. 

Phans of Philly flawlessly managed to schedule not one, but two viewing parties for the Phillies Wild Card games against the Cardinals on Friday and Saturday, before we all headed to watch the Eagles beat the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. 

Listen, if you’re anything like my group of friends, actually planning a vacation takes a lot of work and eventually turns into a complete mess with nothing scheduled until days before we’re supposed to leave.

All of that is avoided with Phans of Philly. They literally handle everything.

You can book any travel trip directly online with flexible payment plans. From there, they will reach out with your flight information and event tickets, while providing you a full itinerary of things to do when you arrive at your destination, along with transportation, tailgate information (and menus) as well as updates throughout your trip on things that are happening. 

The Liberty Line x Phans of Philly Away Games This Season

  • September 25th: Philadelphia Eagles at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • October 8th: Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams
  • November 20th: Philadelphia Eagles at Kansas City Chiefs 

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