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Philles fan shows up with alligator “service animal” on a leash, tries to enter Citizens Bank Park

Well, you read the headline. A Phillies fan tried to enter Citizens Bank Park with an alligator on a leash, claiming it was their service animal.

Howard Eskin snapped a pic of the service alligator outside CBP:

Now, if you’re sitting there thinking, “That alligator looks really familiar,” that’s because the little guy probably is. His name is Wally, and he’s a certified emotional support gator who made headlines last summer during a stroll in Love Park.

Despite Wally’s semi-known status amongst Philadelphians, he and his caretaker were promptly denied entry by stadium security. Which, by the way, is total bullshit.

I have zero doubt in my mind that Wally is the chillest alligator around. There are people in that stadium who are more dangerous to their fellow man after a few too many than Wally will ever be.

I mean, just look at him splish-splashin’ around in the fountains last summer. Do you mean to tell me this creature can’t behave himself at a baseball game?

Alligator in fountain

There’s just no way you can convince me Wally doesn’t deserve a seat at the game. They have dog night at the ballpark, and they bite people sometimes. Why are service gators excluded from the fun?

It’s seriously an outdated way of thinking and I’m sick of it. I mean, not to get political, but Joe Biden’s dog has bitten 11 people in the last year and is still allowed to chill at the White House. Wally’s bitten no one and can’t even take in a Phils game on a lovely autumn evening.


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Mandatory Credit: Howard Eskin

Very real and legitimate journalist. I don't see a loss on the schedule.

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