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garrett stubbs home run after drinking in overalls

Garrett Stubbs hits 1st home run of season hungover, revives old-school baseball in Philadelphia

Phillies backup catcher and ultimate chiller Garrett Stubbs hit his first home run of the season during the “hangover game” the day after clinching the top spot in the NL Wild Card. The team partied hard the night before, and he was leading the charge ripping shots of tequila and drinking champagne until the wee hours of the morning.

With most of the starters taking the day off to recuperate, Garrett Stubbs led the charge with booze sweating out of his pores:

John Kruk once said something to the effect of, “I’m not an athlete; I’m a ballplayer.” While in great shape, Stubby showed he’s a real old-school ballplayer by hammering a three-run-shot the day after getting hammered himself.

This performance proves that some baseball players just play better when they’re drinking during the season. There’s such a focus on treating your body like a temple as an athlete, and that approach certainly works for guys like Bryce Harper.

But for some, that approach isn’t everything. In fact, it may even hinder the performance of certain guys in the clubhouse.

Fortunately for the Phillies, their ultimate vibes guy had himself a night, and his home run got the Phillies right back into a game they eventually turned into their seventh-straight win.

If you watch that old clubhouse tour by Kruk when he talks about the ’93 Phillies, he mentions drinking pitchers of beer until 2 a.m. after games probably a dozen times. And they were a pretty damn good baseball team.

Sure, things are different 30 years down the line, and I’m not saying guys should be in team-branded overalls ripping shots of Clase Azul after every game, but Garrett Stubbs graciously reminded us that there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

Baseball’s relationship with alcohol is a storied one, and I think the modern game might have gotten too far away from it’s booze-soaked roots.

Fortunately, Garrett Stubbs is changing that narrative for the better. Hopefully, we’ll see him carrying tequila to the clubhouse by the caseload this October in preparation for a World Series run.

Garrett Stubbs tequila

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Mandatory Credit: Alex Coffey and NBC Sports Philadelphia

Very real and legitimate journalist. I don't see a loss on the schedule.

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