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Ron Rivera Eagles Commanders

Ron Rivera saying the Commanders were ‘gassed’ as the reason they didn’t attempt a 2-point conversion to beat the Eagles in regulation is embarrassing

The Philadelphia Eagles gutted a win out against division rival Washington Commanders on Sunday, winning 34-31 in overtime to improve to 4-0 on the season. 

Jake Elliott Game Winning Field Goal 

After Jalen Hurts connected with AJ Brown to put the Eagles up 31-24 late in the game, the Washington Commanders marched down the field to score a touchdown and potentially win the game. Instead Ron Rivera and the Commanders decided to kick an extra point and send the game to overtime.

Watching the game, I immediately thought that the Commanders would go for the 2-point conversion and steal a win at The Linc for the second straight season. That clearly was not the case, as the Commanders kicked the extra point.

Ron Rivera explained his decision following the game.

“Yeah (there was consideration), but you know what, those guys, they were gassed. They really were. It was a long drive. They were hurting. They were hustling. I really thought we had the chance. And that’s too bad.” (via Crossing Broad)

That explanation sucks for a couple reasons.

First, you’re on the road against a division rival and instead of going for the jugular with all of the momentum in your favor, you decide to kick an extra point and send the game into overtime.

Second, the Commanders got the ball in overtime and didn’t score, which gave the Eagles possession and ultimately a game winning field goal courtesy of Jake Elliott. 

Plus, if it was such a long drive, then don’t you think that the Eagles’ defense would have been gassed trying to stop you from putting 2-points up and stealing the game?

Have some dignity coach. Embarrassing response to an even more embarrassing decision. 

So yeah, there’s absolutely zero chance you should have kicked the extra point because your guys were “gassed” over a long drive at the end of the game.

Literally makes zero sense. 

Then you have Jake Elliott or as Smitty refers to him “Chicken Little”, who’s arguably the best field goal kicker in the NFL this season. 

Elliott is the highest graded kicker in the NFL this season (86.0) and has converted 13-of-14 FG attempts while booting 4-of-5 from 50 or more yards. 

That’s who Rivera wanted to go against in overtime? Yikes. 

Have some balls and go for the 2-point conversion and escape South Philadelphia for a win. If not, then play soft and scared, kick the extra point, suffer the consequences, and lose in overtime. 

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